Flight log

The book of Paolo Gallo, Ceo of Italgas, explains how to lead the digital transformation, among innovation and sustainability.

Flight log

How to lead the digital transformation, among innovation and sustainability.

The global and interconnected system in which we live today has its reference points the UN Agenda objectives and the 2030 and 2050 EU climate targets. The survival of the planet and the continuation of the species depend on these very challenging targets that chart a step-by-step path towards the so called transition.

The global commitment to achieve the climate neutrality targets require the implementation of a complex system based on pillars such as technological innovation, sustainability, continuous training, leadership, forwardthinking and change management skills.

Environmental, ecological, sustainable, energetic transition: a worldwide process with several connotations. A path that, however it is called, requires results as well as actions and investments to achieve them. In this context, innovation and new digital solutions are the key assets for governments, companies and individuals.

AD Italgas

Digital transformation changes processes, improves them, facilitates people's work by making their daily life easier, concretely proving what progress has to offer. To innovate is to find solutions to problems that have been there for years, unsolved.

Paolo Gallo
Amministratore Delegato Italgas

The digital transition is the precondition for the energy transition

Through the implementation of new digital solutions, technology could enable industries and infrastructures to perform better and processes to be more efficient and functional, thus fostering the reduction or total abatement of emissions.

Undertaking a digital transformation path – which is no longer just a choice – requires an overall change in the approach to the evolution of business processes and, above all, a mindset revolution.

Mindset revolution

Change approach is the biggest challenge, because it involves the least controllable variable: the human reaction to change.

Transforming assets is quite simple: it is about engineering and therefore requires planning, time and money. Once completed the digital turnaround, the network is enabled to receive and transmit a huge amount of real-time data, executing instructions and commands remotely. But what happens if there is a lack of both business processes to leverage the data and people capable of interpreting it?

This is the most difficult part of the journey that must be tackled simultaneously with the evolution of the assets. The processes must be in line with the infrastructure and the people must have a digital culture.

Change must be guided, encouraged and accompanied. The path must be coherent in all its parts and no one should be left behind.

A digital transformation experience

Paolo Gallo, aeronautical engineer and CEO of Italgas, deals with this and much more in his book. It is the story of a digital transformation experience: from the beginning of the journey to its future evolution.

Each chapter is based on a key word. Each word has marked the stages of this long trip, constantly in progress. Just like digital transformation.

Italgas innovates

We stand out in the market for our long tradition and ability to innovate: the digitisation of networks and business processes is our challenge today.