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Italgas and the Coronavirus: the road travelled from the beginning of the emergency until today

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Security and efficiency of the service have guaranteed normality in the homes of end users. The company's commitment has, however, also extended to solidarity Normality and safety. These are the two objectives that, almost two months after the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, have pushed Italgas to make even more efforts to ensure the regular distribution of gas to all users, ensuring that life at home is normal. A necessary factor at such a complex time, during which many of our daily habits have been revolutionized. All this without neglecting the health of their own people and the end users themselves. Priorities and points of reference confirmed by the immediate establishment of an internal crisis committee, the re-articulation of Italgas teams on the national territory and all the arrangements that the company has put in place since the beginning of the emergency to date. The Italgas Crisis Committee, in particular, has a multifunctional composition and approach. The representatives meet daily and, monitoring day after day the evolution of the emergency in Italy, make the necessary arrangements to ensure the efficiency and safety of the service. Italgas believes in innovation in all its dimensions. For this reason, Smart Workingwas already activein the company for some time, an agile and modern way of working which, with the arrival of the emergency, was immediately extended to the various sites in order to prevent any risk. About 2,500 employees already had all the tools needed for Smart Working (PC, smartphone, internet connection). The spread of the tools has been quickly extended to allow remote work even to those who do not have a stable connection or full equipment, such as new hires who have received the kit directly at home. The results have been very positive: the number of users connected remotely has increased from an average of 70 to 1,800 and many of the many activities planned have been regularly carried out through a solid videoconferencing infrastructure, which in March supported about 1,600 hours of video connections, and innovative collaboration tools in the cloud that Italgas has long adopted. The work of Italgas, however, is also and above all in the field. For this reason, the company has continued to guarantee to all end users the essential services for the gas distribution system, while at the same time ensuring the regular monitoring of First Aid activities (active 7 days a week, 24 hours a day) and maintenance activities on the network to ensure safety and continuity of service. In addition, all technicians in the field who continue to carry out essential operational activities (e.g. gas reactivations) in private homes, with commitment and responsibility, have been put in a position to carry out the work safely and equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment. But not just operations. Italgas, in fact, has not stopped with solidarity. This is because, asItalgas CEO Paolo Gallo said in recent days,"in such a complex and critical moment for Italy we are all called to do our part, as individuals and as a company". Precisely for this reason Italgas has decided from the beginning to stay close to those who are in the front line against the spread of Coronavirus and to offer its contribution to support the Civil Protection and important hospitals in the cities of Turin, Milan, Padua, Pavia, Piacenza, Rome and Naples. All through direct donations and internal fundraising supported by the Group's own people. An initiative, the latter, which has just ended and which has seen Italgas personnel donate the economic equivalent of 7,000 hours of their work to the Civil Protection. A figure that has been doubled by an equal amount directly from the company. A series of initiatives that confirm what, for over 180 years, has been Italgas' commitment: to guarantee end users allover Italy normality, in safety and without "making noise". Activities that are not only aimed at providing the service, but also at concretely supporting the country and the communities where Italgas is present. A way of acting that bears witness to the responsibility with which the Italgas Group has always operated towards its people, territories and end users. Read more about how Italgas restared its services during the phase 2 >>