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The “White Energy Week” starts today: energy efficiency is back in schools!

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The activity promoted by Seaside, ESCo of the Italgas Group, and developed with ENEA and which involves about 25 classes and over 500 high school children begins.

Raise awareness among young people on the issues of energy efficiency and on the behaviors to follow to protect the planet and offer the new generations more tools to get to know the business world and the professions of the future, in particular those related to the energy transition.

The third edition of the "White Energy Week" begins today, the activity created to develop greater skills on the issues of energy efficiency, economic and environmental sustainability. The project, which for the first time takes place digitally, involves 40 hours of work and involves about 25 classes of schools in Emilia-Romagna, for a total of over 500 children.

The initiative is promoted by Seaside, ESCo of the Italgas Group, and developed in collaboration with ENEA and the Emilia-Romagna Regional School Office. The training course of the "White Energy Week" 2020-21 will end on Friday 26 March and will see the students apply in different practical tests, in which they will personally play the role of Energy manager.

The "role play" of this edition concerns the drafting of the energy diagnosis of own school building. Students will experience a week as an Energy Manager, an exciting challenge that has a dual purpose: to make participants more aware of the energy consumption of buildings and to develop a higher sustainable awareness that leads them to implement good environmental practices. Not only at home, but also at school and in everyday life. At the end of the course, the students will present their energy diagnoses to the Seaside and ENEA Energy Manager team, as well as to the teachers and their families, and will receive feedback on the results obtained.

The numbers of the initiative, which are constantly growing, attest to a great sensitivity on the part of local schools and various public institutions. Numbers that represent a great opportunity to teach professionals of the future the importance of protecting our planet, starting from small daily gestures up to new professional roles applied to the energy transition.

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