Benefit and compensation

We care about our people and offer welfare plans, benefits and remuneration systems to live and work with enthusiasm.

We value the performance of our people and encourage their well-being and passions

We have the ambition to provide a positive working environment for our talents, so that they are stimulated to grow and innovate with us. The economic aspect is crucial, which is why we study a merit-based remuneration system. But we go further, because a positive company climate also stems from values such as well-being, sense of belonging and trust, all part of our corporate heritage. That’s why we have a welfare program designed to make everyday life easier, to help manage the family and care for children, to support health and educate physical well-being, offering many opportunities that relate to free time and individual passions.

We invest in caring for people because we want them to feel proud and enthusiastic about working in our Group.

Wellgas: our Welfare plan

We aim to improve the quality of life of our people.

 Remote working: how our work is evolving

This is a working method that has already been active in Italgas for years but which was extended to the entire company population with the health emergency in 2020 and which materialized, at the end of it, in a new Remote Working agreement effective from April 2022 onwards.

By the new agreement, which can be activated on a voluntary basis and in two ways – weekly or monthly – we not only guarantee greater flexibility but confirm our commitment to protect our people and the individual specificities and uniqueness of each one: for this reason, we added the possibility to take advantage of an additional 40 days of remote working per year to support pregnancy, paternity leave, parenting, to protect fragile individuals or those coming back to work after a long period of illness, certified gender harassment and to assist relatives or minors including those with specific learning disorders. Moreover, we also guarantee flexible agreements to employees to further facilitate the work-life balance, such as part-time contract.

In addition to protecting our people, ensuring their health and safety and supporting them in the search for a work-life balance, we have tried to strengthen the sense of community even at a distance, organizing activities, training on new digital collaboration tools and events to feel closer to our colleagues and the people we work with every day.

Engagement of our people

We strongly believe that the best strategies, the most effective welfare plans and remuneration systems arise from an active listening to the needs and requirements of the people who will benefit from them.

For this reason, we pay great attention to the opinion of our colleagues and constantly monitor their working conditions, remuneration and the degree of satisfaction.

Among the most significant actions of 2023, we highlight the “Your Voice Counts” climate survey, addressed to the entire company population, including Greece. The Climate Survey recorded a response rate of 88% (higher than national benchmarks and on the rise compared to 2022).

The survey, made up of closed questions and open questions, is based on the Sustainable Engagement model and was carried out with the support of an external provider.

The climate survey was designed across three dimensions: engagement, enablement and energy.
The questions were set on the following topics (i) engagement levels – including people job’s perceived level of satisfaction, individual purpose, confidence and commitment; (ii) people’s perception in performing their activities in terms of stress, workloads, work-life balance and happiness; (iii) people’s impression on the availability of the best instruments and training tools to perform their activities. Other topics covered were performance management and reward, diversity&inclusion and ethics, innovation and change, identity and values.

The survey also aimed at identifying organisational conditions that encourage or hinder a positive internal atmosphere and the engagement of people, highlighting possible areas of intervention and action.


The main results

Employees partecipation
data relating to the overall results
data relating to the overall results

*Focus on Engagement


Breakdown by gender 2023
71% Male    78% Female

Breakdown by age 2023
75% < 30 years    71% 31 – 40 years    77% 41 – 50 years
71% 51 – 60 years    70% > 60 years

Eventually, in order to better understand the needs of the Group’s people and to be able to offer them all the necessary support, in 2023 we also conducted a specific survey on welfare, also in this case aimed at all employees. The main issues by the survey concerned work-life balance, health, leisure and culture, support for children and family members and psycho-physical wellbeing. The results obtained allowed the Company to continuously update the welfare plan (Wellgas) to complete the employee compensation package.

In addition to the climate survey, Italgas conducts a Diversity & Inclusion survey.
D&I survey it’s a questionnaire designed by our ambassadors which aims to monitor a fundamental value in the culture of our Group. The integration of cultural diversities represents one of the challenges of our society.

We value merit with fair remuneration

In order to attract, retain and motivate our talents, we ensure an appropriate remuneration system in line with the role and responsibilities

Merit is the guiding principle on which our professional development and career opportunity strategies are based. Our compensation policies, differentiated in relation to performance and professional and managerial skills, are structured considering the company’s leadership model and values and to recognise:

  • The responsibilities assigned;
  • The results achieved;
  • The quality of the professional input;
  • People’s development potential.

The compensation systems are periodically updated based on the comparison with the reference remuneration markets and criteria inspired by meritocracy, inclusion and plurality, equal opportunity, enhancement of people’s knowledge and professionalism, fairness, non-discrimination and integrity.

From 2021, performance evaluation has been further extended to a broader segment of the company population with the aim of increasingly strengthening the culture of performance, the focus on results and internal meritocracy.

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Sustainability at Italgas

Our sustainability strategy is based on three pillars, one of which is the operational excellence of our people.

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