Benefit, Welfare e compensation

Benefit, Welfare e compensation

We care about our people and offer welfare plans, benefits and remuneration systems to live and work with enthusiasm.

We value the performance of our people and encourage their well-being and passions.

We have the ambition to provide a positive working environment for our talents, so that they are stimulated to grow and innovate with us. The economic aspect is crucial, which is why we study a merit-based remuneration system . But we go further, because a positive company climate also stems from values such as well-being, a sense of belonging and trust, all part of our corporate heritage. That’s why we have a welfare programme designed to make everyday life easier, to help manage the family and care for children, to support health and educate physical wellbeing, offering many opportunities that relate to free time and individual passions.

We invest in caring for people because we want them to feel proud and enthusiastic about working in our Group.

To get the most out of every project, we provide our people with the positive energy they need to feel good.

The initiatives and projects that we make available for our employees, have the purpose of helping our people to improve their quality of life, supporting them in the search for the right balance between private and professional life, so that they can devote themselves to work in a more peaceful way, satisfactory and effective.

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Wellgas: our welfare programme

With the aim of increasingly improving the quality of life of our people, WellGas, our welfare programme, was created, which covers four main areas.

  • Family: support in family management and, in particular, of children and elderly relatives.
  • Sustainability and mobility: opportunities̀ to improve daily travel, such as discounted mobility passes, train and airport parking agreements.
  • Health and prevention: initiatives and services aimed at improving health: medical prevention, physical activitỳ, advice from contracted nutritionists.
  • Savings and Leisure: purchase of goods, services and leisure solutions and help in solving daily tasks.

The programme is dedicated to all Italgas employees and is also available on the dedicated App.

Flexible Benefit Plan

Employees receiving the production prize may choose to convert a share of their Participation Bonus for access to goods and Welfare services, for themselves or their family members, without paying any tax or contributions. We disbursed an additional Welfare Bonus equal to 18% of the converted portion to all those who chose to convert their bonus into Welfare Credit.

In this way,the benefits are not only for individuals, but also for their families.

Smart working: how our work is evolving

This is a way of working that has already been in operation in the company for years but which, with the arrival of the health emergency in 2020, we have extended to the entire company population.

In addition to protecting our people, ensuring their health and safety, we have tried to strengthen the sense of community even at a distance, organising activities, training on new digital collaboration tools and events to feel closer to our colleagues and the people we work with every day.

ItalGym, the first Italgas gym

With the aim of wanting to create a place dedicated to the well-being of our employees, in 2018 we opened the first ItalGym Corporate Gym in Milan headquarters. The new gym comprises a fitness area with latest-generation equipment for training and an area for changing rooms, showers and lockers. During the course of 2019, the project was also extended to Italgas’s premises in Turin and Rome.

A race for the healthiest lifestyle!

In 2021 we launched the first Italgas health challenge , a fun health challengeamong employees of all Group companies. A prize is awarded to those who manage to maintain a healthier lifestyle with physical activity, walking, sleep and meditation!

Welfare and health emergency

In 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 health emergency, in addition to guaranteeing the continuity of the offer of services envisaged by the Welfare Plan, Italgas also took a series of initiatives to help its company population, including the activation of insurance coverage for colleagues affected by COVID-19 and services to support families, such as free vouchers for school tutoring, babysitting services, personalised social and healthcare advice plus assistance for elderly family members for a total of 155 vouchers issued.

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Valuing merit with fair remuneration

In order to attract, retain and motivate our talents, we ensure an appropriate remuneration system in line with the role and responsibilities.

Merit is the guiding principle on which our professional development and career opportunity strategies are based. Our compensation policies, differentiated in relation to performance and professional and managerial skills, are structured to recognise:

  • The responsibilities assigned
  • The results achieved.
  • The quality of the professional input.
  • People’s development potential.

The compensation systems are periodically updated on the basis of comparisons with the reference remuneration markets and criteria inspired by meritocracy and internal fairness.

In 2020, the performance evaluation was extended to all department managers of the Group companies with the objective of further strengthening the performance culture, the focus on results and internal meritocracy.

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Sustainability at Italgas

Our sustainability strategy is based on three pillars, one of which is the operational excellence of our people.

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