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GD4S, the association of European Gas Distributors meets EU Commissioner for Transport, Adina Ioana Valean

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The key role of distribution system operators (DSOs) and the significant potential of renewable gases for transport discussed

Bruxelles, 09 of December 2021 – Paolo Gallo, President of GD4S and CEO of Italgas, together with a delegation from the association that represents seven of Europe’s leading gas distribution system operators (DSOs) met with Adina Ioana Valean, EU Commissioner for Transport.  Among the topics discussed were the strategic role of DSOs and of renewable gases, such as biomethane, synthetic methane and green hydrogen, for the development of sustainable mobility in Europe.

The meeting, which was also attended by Leonidas Bakouras, General Manager of Edathess (Greece), Denis O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Gas Networks Ireland (Ireland), Narcis de Carreras, CEO of Nedgia (Spain) and Catherine Leboul-Proust, Director of Strategy GRDF (France) was an opportunity to highlight to Commissioner Valean the key elements of GD4S’ White Paper ‘Gas grids - a key enabler of decarbonisation’, with specific focus on the transport sector.  Published in June of this year, the association’s White Paper illustrates the main actions being undertaken by DSOs to support decarbonisation and confirms GD4S’ pledge to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

During the roundtable, GD4S representatives engaged with the Commissioner on the following:

  • The role of natural gas and renewable gases as alternative fuels for sustainable mobility.
  • The limitations of electric mobility, in particular, for heavy duty and long-haul transport, The association highlighted natural and renewable gases as the most efficient solutions.
  • The association’s concern in relation to the the focus on tailpipe emissions rather than life-cycle emissions, within the EC’s ‘Fit for 55’ package, an approach, the representatives indicated, that doesn’t allow for full exploitation of the potential of renewable fuels, such as biomethane.
Paolo Gallo, President of GD4S commented: Natural gas is recognised as the fuel which will power the energy transition, providing in the short and medium term, the opportunity to progress  from more polluting fuels, thereby significantly accelerating the decarbonisation of the economy. At the same time, digitalised gas infrastructure has a key role in fostering the potential of renewable gases such as biomethane, synthetic methane, and green hydrogen, and in reaching the climate targets set for 2050.  Thanks to their capacity for energy storage and as energy vectors, gas grids guarantee the necessary energy system flexibility. In addition, the strategic role of renewable gases for the development of a clean and sustainable mobility, in particular, in relation to public and long haul transportation, is abundantly clear.”