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Italgas: 1500 computers for schools in the regions of Central Italy affected by the earthquake

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Rome, December 5, 2018 - Italgas signed today, during a press conference held at the Chamber of Deputies, an agreement with the Government's Extraordinary Commissioner for the earthquake in Central Italy to donate 1,500 computers to secondary schools in the earthquake-stricken municipalities of Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria, At the signing of the deed between the Extraordinary Commissioner, Piero Farabollini, and the CEO of Italgas, Paolo Gallo, the Hon. Tullio Patassini, deputy from the Marche region, and the Deputy Vice President of ANCI, Hon. Roberto Pella. In the coming weeks Italgas and the Commissarial structure, in collaboration with the mayors of the municipalities in the area, will identify the schools that will receive the personal computers. The Italgas Group has always been close to the territory and, since the beginning of its industrial history, has contributed to the growth and social and cultural development of the communities in which it operates. The initiative signed today is in fact the first step of a wider plan aimed at local realities that will start next year and will involve the municipalities in which the Group operates. Moreover, in the areas affected by the earthquake, in addition to what has already been done in previous years, Italgas plans to invest over 120 million euros in the maintenance and safety of gas distribution networks, especially with a view to preventing the consequences of earthquakes. "The document signed today - commented Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo - is a testimony to the great attention we have always paid to the local communities in which we operate. In the municipalities affected by the earthquakes we have been working from the outset to contain the difficulties resulting from the seismic tremors. The work carried out in Ussita, Camerino and many other municipalities has allowed citizens to get gas back into their homes as quickly as possible, reducing inconvenience to a minimum. By donating these computers we will contribute to the creation of computer classrooms in the schools of those territories, thus offering a concrete tool to boys and girls who legitimately aspire to the right level of training without being forced to long transfers to attend the equipped schools of the neighboring regions". "The earthquake not only crumbles places but also identities,"stressed the Government's Extraordinary Commissioner, Piero Farabollini. "To rebuild, therefore, is also to regenerate the sociality and prospects of our communities in the Apennines, which have been the cradle of civilisation and the civil and moral history of Italy. Through the Italgas donation, the synthesis between memory and the future is realized for thousands of young people and their families. It does so through the medium that connects par excellence and that we want to consider as a symbol of that network made up of technicians, administrators, politicians and companies that embody the will to do and do well so that the children who will be connected to the world with these tools will remain deeply connected to their mother earth".