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Methane arrives in Sardinia: in Alghero in operation the section of the network serving Petraia

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Next Monday the official activation of the conversion to methane gas of the networks of 36 municipalities in Basins 7, 9 and 22 Alghero (Sassari), 29 July 2020 - Methane in Sardinia is finally a reality. The first natural gas will in fact be distributed on the island from Monday, August 3 in Alghero, with the commissioning of the network part of Petraia, the area close to the seafront in via Lido. At the same time, with the sending of the communications to the administrations involved, technical activities for the conversion to methane of the distribution networks of the 36 municipalities in Basins 7, 9 and 22 currently fed with LPG also began. The conversion plan foresees the completion of activities between 2020 and the first half of 2021, preferring periods of the year when the climate is still sufficiently mild. "The beginning of the distribution of methane in Sardinia - commented Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo - is a historic moment for the island, its communities and the whole of Italy. And I am proud that it is Italgas, the company that with its almost two centuries of history has always accompanied the development of the country. Sardinia is the most effective example of our ability to innovate and make investments in the short term. We have completed 65% of the 1,100 kilometres of the total network and - after Alghero - an increasing number of people will be able to take advantage of the important benefits that methane guarantees, starting with savings in bills of up to 30%. In fact, in recent months in the basins where we operate we have already collected more than 35,000 requests for connections, demonstrating a constantly growing demand and a sign of a need that we want to satisfy in a short time". The section affected by the first commissioning, which will be carried out by tanker wagon, extends for more than 6.5 kilometres, along which more than 250 preparations have already been made for the same number of connection requests signed.   Alghero is part, together with Olmedo, of Basin 6 for which 97 kilometres of network are planned, 63 of which have already been built in accordance with Italgas' plans to build "native digital" networks on the island, i.e. equipped with integrated sensors, remote control and proprietary applications developed in the Italgas Digital Factory, as well as preparation for the installation of optical fibre to serve Italgas networks and telecommunications operators. As far as LPG to methane covers are concerned, the operational plan foresees the completion of the activities by 2020 for the Municipalities of Putifigari (Basin 7), Berchidda, Ittireddu, Tula, Ozieri (Basin 9), Cardedu, Esclalaplano, Urzulei (Basin 22); in the first half of 2021 in the remaining municipalities of Basins 7 (Cargeghe, Ittiri, Muros, Ossi, Tissi, Uri, Usini) and 22 (Arzana, Bari Sardo, Baunei, Elini, Gairo, Girasole, Ilbono), Lanusei, Loceri, Lotzorai, Osini, Perdasdefogu, Seui, Telana, Tertenia, Tortolì, Triei, Ulassai, Ussassai, Villagrande Strisaili) with extension also to the municipality of Pattada (Basin 10). In all Municipalities, the activities will be preceded by public meetings to explain to residents how the work will be carried out, what to do to activate the supply of natural gas, provide all the information for a better use of the service. Through Medea, the Group's distribution company, Italgas is present in 17 of the 38 basins into which Sardinia is divided, including the main capitals. Italgas began operating on the island in 2017 through the acquisition of several operators and concessions. As part of an investment plan from 500 million euros to 2025, the company has planned the construction of about 1,100 kilometers of "native digital pipelines. The works are in an advanced state in all the concession areas, for a total of over 680 kilometres of network laid. An intervention which, in addition to the future benefits associated with the use of an economic and sustainable energy source such as natural gas for businesses and individuals, has already contributed to the creation of over 600 new jobs.