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Italgas: Board of Directors calls the Shareholder meeting for 28 April 2017

Data di pubblicazione:
Milan, 24 March 2017 – Italgas’ Board of Directors, which met yesterday chaired by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, has called the Ordinary Shareholder Meeting for 28 April 2017, in a single call. The Meeting will approve: the financial statements for the year 2016 and the allocation of profits, the 2017-2019 long term monetary incentive plan, the termination by agreement of the appointment of the current External Auditors and appointment of a new firm to act as External Auditors of the Company’s accounts for the period 2017-2025, the appointment of an Alternate Auditor, as well as, on a consultative basis, the Section I of the Compensation Report dealing with the Compensation Policy. The Board of Directors resolved to propose to the Shareholder Meeting a dividend of € 0.20 per share. The dividend will be paid, as already announced to the market on 20 December 2016, on 24 May 2017, ex-dividend date 22 May 2017 (record date 23 May 2017). The 2017-2019 long term monetary incentive plan, agreed by the Board of Directors, is an instrument designed to further ensure management’s alignment with the interests of shareholders and the sustainability of long-term value creation. On 20 March 2017 Mrs. Marilena Cederna resigned from the office of Alternate Auditor of Italgas with immediate effect due to unforeseen professional commitments. The 2016 Annual Financial Report and the reports on the agenda of the Shareholder Meeting will be made available along with the 2017 Compensation Report, the information notice on the long term monetary incentive plan, the 2016 Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure Report, and the “2016 Sustainability Report”. The Board of Directors also selected Georgeson as the subject appointed by the Company – pursuant to art. 135- undecies of the CLF – to whom shareholders and bond holders may confer proxies for the Meeting without any charge.