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Italgas: Publication of quarterly financial information

Data di pubblicazione:
Milan, 26th January, 2017 – In line with the changes to the regulatory framework and taking into account the needs of our stakeholders, Italgas chose to publish voluntary additional periodic financial information to the annual and semi-annual financial report, as previously announced to the market in a press release on 20th December 2016 (Financial calendar). This choice reflects the company policy of providing regular and transparent information to the market and investors on the Group’s financial performance. From 2017, the information contained in the quarterly press release issued to the market will cover at least the following indicators:
  • Key operational data;
  • Total revenues;
  • Ebitda;
  • Ebit;
  • Net profit;
  • Investments;
  • Free cash flow and change in net debt.
  • The press release may contain additional qualitative and quantitative information in order to better explain the evolution of the business.
The quarterly information will be approved by the Board of Directors and disclosed to the public in accordance with the timing provided by the Group’s Financial Calendar.