Italgas' institutional campaign continues

From Saturday 16th to Sunday 22nd October: an exclusive setting comes in Naples, at the Central Station, for the 180th anniversary of the Society.

Press release & Conference call

Strategic Plan 2017–2023

Italgas Top Management introduced the 2017-2023 strategic plan to the financial community on Wednesday, May 31st.

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Organization of the Italgas Group

Italgas operates in the national territory through Italgas Reti and other subsidiaries and associated companies.

Italgas is the leading operator in Italy in the field of natural gas urban distribution. With 180 years of experience, it is historically recognized as the Company that brought gas into the homes of Italians, thus contributing to the country’s economic and social development.


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Active meters


Million cubic meters of gas

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Commitment to the areas served

Italgas has always had a direct dialogue with the local administrations for which it is the concessionaire. Many years ago, Italgas has set up a department specifically dedicated to this purpose, to ensure care and transparency in its information flows.

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The Quality of Service

Maintaining high standards of service is a prerequisite and a priority objective which we pursue from the time the distribution networks are designed in order to ensure efficient and uninterrupted service.

A sustainable model

The Company has undertaken the path to sustainability with the goal of improving the integration of environmental, social and governance issues with business strategies. Italgas wants to be a business capable of increasingly promoting the connection between networks, areas and communities, participating in an open ecosystem, in which the Company recognised the centrality of stakeholders and their needs to create social value.