Our activities

We are the leading gas distribution company in Italy and the third in Europe. seeking new opportunities for growth in the sectors of energy efficiency and the integrated water service, using all the Group’s expertise.

Distributing gas

We are in the business of bringing gas to homes and businesses in our country, so that in our daily lives we can live with the comforts that gas offers (staying warm in winter, using hot water, cooking) and work thanks to the continuity of production in factories.

We distribute gas every day. For this reason, we work to serve all gas users: we check that the network in our cities is in excellent condition and has not even the smallest leaks, we ensure our intervention in case of emergency within one hour, we are committed to improving the network by innovating infrastructure and services, we guarantee continuity of service and ensure the cost-effectiveness of the system.

Every day we stand by those who, like you, use gas in their daily lives. We distribute gas up to the meter in your home and ensure continuity of service, network efficiency and system economy.

We are present in the major Italian cities including Turin, Rome and Venice and hold, through our subsidiaries, 35% of the Italian natural gas distribution market, but we aim to strengthen our position. We are in fact acquiring new companies, on the one hand to consolidate our presence in certain territories and, on the other, to invest in areas that do not yet benefit from natural gas distribution infrastructures. The main project concerns the methanisation of Sardinia. Here our group is planning to build over a thousand kilometres of “digital native” pipelines, with integrated sensors for remote control and preparation for the installation of fibre optics.

Competence, efficiency, innovation, reliability, safety, proximity to people. Investments in digitisation and sustainability are the main drivers of our strategy to achieve our ambitious decarbonisation targets and create value for the community.

We distribute gas locally, from delivery points to your home, where we are responsible for your meter and therefore for measuring your consumption.
We do not import, extract or produce gas. We do not even deal with the first phase of transport (the one through the large high-pressure ridges). Our aim is to take the gas from the transporter and bring it to Italian households and businesses.

Learn more about how we work to provide an efficient and safe gas distribution service.

We and the gas industry

What we do

  • We distribute gas, so we get the gas from the transport networks and bring it to your house.
  • We bring gas to places where it has not yet arrived, such as Sardinia.
  • We constantly monitor the network to ensure that it is secure.
  • We modernise, digitise the network and install smart meters
  • We measure your consumption and give you the possibility to monitor it through smart meters.
  • We intervene in case of emergencies, gas leaks or meter failures.

What we don’t do

  • We do not import gas and we do not produce it.
  • We do not sell it. We do not issue or send bills.
  • We do not transport it by pipeline or by ship.
  • And we don’t stock it.

In five municipalities in Campania, we also operate an integrated water service concession through Italgas Acqua.

Commitment to energy efficiency

We provide energy management services by offering consultancy on the optimisation of energy consumption to public and private clients; we offer solutions for the redevelopment of buildings to make them safer, more efficient and sustainable through Geoside, the ESCo of the Group which operates nationwide.

What is an ESCo?

Energy Service Companies (ESCo) are companies that help households, businesses and public administrations to improve their energy efficiency.
ESCos offer services ranging from energy advice and diagnosis to installation, operation and maintenance of all the tools and equipment needed to improve energy efficiency. In addition, they can guarantee the full financing of the works and ensure the energy results and savings achieved.

What does an ESCo do?

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Provides energy services

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Improves energy efficiency

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Reduces consumption

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Guarantees results

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