After the 2018 launch of its "Digital Factory", the innovation factory where the company's digital transformation process takes place, Italgas opens its doors to new collaborations with innovative realities from outside its organization by launching the Call for Startups "Ideas 4 Italgas".



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 What is “Ideas 4 Italgas”

The Call for Startups "Ideas 4 Italgas" is an initiative organised by Italgas in collaboration with I3P - Innovative Business Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, which aims to explore existing innovations in Italy and abroad.


The initiative aims to identify and reward possible solutions and technologies that can contribute to the technological and digital transformation of Italgas, accelerating the process already underway.

Who can take part in “Ideas 4 Italgas”


The "Ideas 4 Italgas" initiative is aimed at innovative startups and SMEs.

The Call can be answered by companies that are at one of the following stages of maturity:

  • Ready to market
  • Validated prototype
  • Prototype
  • Idea

For further information on the requirements for participation, please refer to Art.4 "Requirements, conditions and terms of participation" of the official announcement.


What are we looking for in “Ideas 4 Italgas” 

 Italgas is the leading natural gas distribution operator in Italy and the third in Europe. Every day we stand alongside millions of Italians who, like you, use gas in their daily lives. We distribute it up to your home meter and we ensure continuity of service, network efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the systemWe are working to transform the traditional gas network into an intelligent network that, thanks to the data in our possession and the use of digital technologies (IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning), promptly identifies problematic situations in the network structure, predicts possible faults and intervenes before they occur (predictive maintenance), thus reducing intervention costs and the time of disruption to normal service.

The areas of interest of the "Ideas 4 Italgas" Call concern all the possible innovative solutions that could potentially improve or disrupt Italgas activities, with particular interest in the following application fields:

  • Energy efficiency in the industrial and residential sectors;
  • Fleet management and staff mobility;
  • Monitoring, management and control of network infrastructure;
  • Filtering, transportation and storage processes of energy carriers;
  • Safety of operators in the field;
  • Emerging energy carriers (e.g. hydrogen, gas blending).


For further information on the areas of interest of the call, or to find out if your solution is suitable for the application, please refer to Art.3 "Areas of interest" of the official announcement (link al bando).

How to join “Ideas 4 Italgas”

To participate in the Call, it is necessary to fill in the form with all the information by December 7, 2020 at 23:59.
At the closing of the applications, the Evaluation Committee of the initiative will proceed with the selection of the finalists.


Join the call "Ideas 4 Italgas"

The prizes

All participants in "Ideas 4 Italgas" who successfully pass the first selection steps will have the opportunity to get in touch with Italgas and to start different paths, in order to seek and promote synergies between the company and the innovative candidates.


Among the possibilities at stake:

  • Resources to develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) with Italgas;
  • Access to Italgas' Mentorship Programme;
  • Access to the I3P incubation path.

For more information on the prizes, please refer to Art.5 "Offer" of the official announcement.

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