The first pillar on which the Sustainability Plan is based expresses our commitment to building a solid sustainability culture, through which the sustainable approach to business can be integrated into our processes and along the entire value chain.


We have constantly worked to increasingly integrate sustainability into our processes, approaches and business decisions and have already achieved important objectives during the first year of adoption of our Sustainability Plan.
We have grown in terms of visibility among sustainability workgroups and networks. In fact, during 2018 we formally joined the Global Compact to promote the sustainable global economy concept, also in relation to full respect for human and labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.
We will actively participate in the working groups on social and environmental issues and provide annual public disclosure on our efforts, practical actions and results achieved during the year following the implementation of the ten principles of the Global Compact.



We are also committed to the development of internal skills and in general to promote the culture of sustainability: in 2018 we involved directors, top management and mayors in a board induction meeting on social and environmental issues with Professor Enrico Giovannini, founder and spokesperson of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS).

The meeting was dedicated to an in-depth analysis of sustainability issues concerning Italgas' business sector, the description of future trends and the analysis of how we can be a key player for sustainable development in the gas distribution sector.

The company culture has also been put at the centre of our internal dialogue: the updating and enrichment of the company's intranet site in fact, for greater internal dissemination and sharing of information and strategies, now includes a new section entirely dedicated to sustainability.

In 2019, we extended our commitment along the entire value chain by implementing additional tools and initiatives, such as:

  • The filling in of 6 ESG rating questionnaires, compared to the 4 planned in the sustainability plan
  • The completion of the development of a supplier rating that also includes sustainability issues
  • The administration of a "pilot" sustainability questionnaire to 120 suppliers

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