An internship at Italgas is a learning experience that gives students interested in our business some initial knowledge on how we work, as a continuation of their studies and to gain insight for future career choices.


Italgas offers new graduates (with priority given to courses in engineering, economics, ITC sciences and law) and those registered for post-graduate Masters courses the opportunity of course-based internships according to specific needs and/or areas of corporate interest.

The internships include technical studies and the presence of a company tutor who will act as a coach for the student throughout the training and professional activities at the facility.

Requirements for internship:

  • Promoter organisation: a university or training institution authorized to issue degrees.
  • Beneficiary: a student of a university, master or doctorate college that meets the following requirements:
    1. grade not less than 100/110
    2. good knowledge of English
    3. not more than 28 years old.
  • Duration: variable, up to 6 months.
  • The internships take place while the student pursues his or her studies, to acquire credits, to write a dissertation or to complete a Master degree.
  • The internship’s training project must focus on topics of specific interest to the business of Italgas.

Do you already have a degree?

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