We are the largest distributor of natural gas in Italy and the third largest operator in Europe. Today we are facing a change of pace and an important growth and innovation process, and we rely on our people to do so.

Competence, efficiency, innovation, reliability, safety, closeness to people: these are our fundamental values that have inspired the work of the men and women of Italgas for over 180 years. With our reorganisation at the end of 2016, and our return to the Stock Exchange, the involvement of our people is more essential than ever to our process of growth and improvement.


The promotion of the value of our people and the creation of a working environment conducive to professional and human development are priorities for our group.


For almost two centuries, we have been accompanying the economic and social development of the country, supporting its sustainable growth.

With a historical presence in the country's major cities - including Turin, Rome, Naples and Venice - we hold 34% of the Italian gas distribution market and manage over 66 thousand km of network. We operate in a market that is governed by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) and operate on the basis of concessions issued by local authorities.


The vocation to efficiency, ensuring the quality of our service, protecting the environment and occupational safety are the foundations of our culture of values that inspires our entire operation.

How is Italgas: the voice of our employees

According to the voice of our employees, Italgas is a company in change, that looks for continuous improvements, relies on teamwork and looks to the future by focusing on young people.
Watch some short interviews of our employees about the company

Livio, Turin

Livio, Turin

Team Leader of the Reduction and Measurement (IPRM) plants: during my period working here, Italgas gave me the opportunity to learn from my older colleagues and transfer my knowledge to the younger generation in order to create the maximum professionalism in the company.

Aurelio, Rome

Aurelio, Rome

In charge of the implementation of investments for North Rome: the territory of Rome with its history, dimension and architecture represent a unique context to work in for us of Italgas. Moreover, Italgas is committed in the aspect of Sustainability, which is shown by the fact that it is the first company to have the entire company fleet with methan-powered cars.

Silvia, Rome

Silvia, Rome

Monitoring in the technical services of the territory. Working in Italgas means to ensure reliability, efficiency and safety in very different way. The first is working everyday for the improvement of the network, but also creating cultural value for the community promoting events at local context with many different associations.

What is gas distribution?

We play a key role in the country's energy system. Gas distribution is the transport of gas on behalf of the sales companies that market it to final customers. Our service therefore includes distribution, through local gas pipeline networks, from the so-called city-gates (interconnection points between the national or regional transmission network and the local distribution network) to final customers. We also manage measurement, which includes collecting, processing, validating and making consumption data available, in order to manage commercial transactions between operators and users.

Employees by geographical area
Diploma holders and graduates

A new organisation for our company

Today we are facing a new and important phase in our history: we are making major investments to expand and digitalise our network, with a view to constant innovation, and we have set up a leaner and more efficient internal organisation.

The new organisation is an enormous opportunity for the professional growth of our human resources, for addressing the day-to-day problems in the community and for creating centres of expertise for specialist and business support activities.


We have created a new holding and reconfigured our operations units so as to improve interaction and streamline the most important operating processes. The reorganisation of our territorial presence in 14 new operations hubs located across Italy offers an enormous opportunity for the professional growth of our human resources, also with a view to creating centres of expertise for specialist and business support activities.


13 professional teams were identified and set up in this context, aimed at ensuring monitoring and development of technical know-how and sharing operating methods. Each professional team is composed of:

  • A Competence Leader, with the role of monitoring know-how development, defining objectives and priorities, calling and managing meetings;
  • At least one Core Member for each area hub to promote operating method development.


With around 500 members, the professional teams represent different business areas: asset construction, asset management and maintenance, commercial management of the service, management of the various tender phases, staff and inter-team activities.


The value of people

Italgas has over 3,500 employees (more than 4,000, including the subsidiaries), located in regional offices throughout Italy.

Our work is based on the growth and development of our people, the protection of health and safety and the creation of a positive working environment, conducive to professional and human growth.

We offer all our employees and contractors career opportunities [link alla pagina Crescere in Italgas in questa sezione] on the basis of their merits, of their professional and managerial skills and their active participation in the company's development and improvement processes.

Diversity and equal opportunities

We respect the dignity of each individual, ensuring equal opportunities at all stages and in all aspects of their employment relationship. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, whether it is based on race, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs, health or age.

We also aim to consolidate the presence of women in our corporate population, despite the specifics of our operational activity, which requires technical skills that are generally still not widespread in the "female" labour market. Among new recruits of graduate resources, the presence of women has however increased to about 30% and is also expanding in high-level managerial and/or professional roles.

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