Why gas?

Natural gas brings many benefits for you and the planet

Natural gas is a secure and flexible resource. Because of its characteristics, it can be used for different purposes and integrated with renewable sources, such as biomethane and hydrogen, to generate a sustainable energy mix. In addition, the direct use of gas is less expensive than, for example, the use of electricity due to its availability and ease of transport.

The advantages of gas

Natural gas heats your home, cooks your food and helps create a cleaner future

Is versatile 

It is not just for domestic heating. Natural gas can power a wide range of household appliances, including cookers and hobs, dryers, real flame fires and outdoor lighting.


Unmatched in terms of efficiency, reliability and controllability, natural gas can be extracted and stored. And contribute to the energy balance that renewables cannot yet provide.


Natural gas is one of the cheapest fuels. 1 cubic metre of gas, burnt in a modern condensing boiler, generates 250 litres of hot water at a cost of 0.60 cents. On a like-for-like basis, a cubic metre of gas used to produce electricity in a power station and then converted into hot water by an electric domestic water heater only generates just over 100 litres, at a cost of around 0.80 cents.

With 1m³ of gas

We can produce

Liters of hot water
Using it in a condensing boiler
Liters of hot water
Using it in a condensing boiler

At the average cost of

0,60 €
0,80 €

Natural gas to combat climate change

Italgas and the role of the distributor in the energy transition

Natural gas is a quick and cost-effective solution to significantly reduce greenhouse gas and particulate emissions, ready to replace coal in power generation and heating. It is a useful source for the progressive energy transition of our country, thanks also to the central role of gas networks. The ubiquity of gas infrastructures makes them strategic for managing the variability of energy production from renewable sources. The digitisation of the network will allow for the full inclusion of renewable sources, such as biomethane, which is already available today, and green hydrogen, the use of which is estimated to be economically viable from 2030.

Gas Future
The energy future for sustainable development

Natural gas as an ideal transition source to a low-emission future

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