The Italgas digital quotation: getting a quote and going ahead with work on your gas supply has never been easier.


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What is that?

ClickToGas is the new set of free, digital, and sustainable services dedicated to end customers, aimed at providing a quote for gas installation work as quickly as possible and guiding them through the subsequent phases to complete the connection and activation in a single appointment

What are the services provided by ClickToGas?

ClickToGas Selfy

The service to receive a faster estimation thanks to a digital survey.

ClickToGas Doc

The service for uploading and signing work documents online, directly from MyItalgas.

ClickToGas AllInOne

The service for obtaining gas connection and activation in a single appointment.

How does ClickToGas Selfy work?

After requesting a quote, a technician must perform an inspection to better understand the type of work to be done on the gas system.

Thanks to ClickToGas Selfy, the inspection is done remotely, quickly and safely. And in some cases, it will be possible to carry it out completely autonomously without the need for a video call with our technician.

If you request a quote through MyItalgas, you can access ClickToGas Selfy’s digital inspections directly during the request process.

A faster estimate

Based on the details of your request, with ClickToGas Selfy, we propose the most suitable digital inspection for you to send you the quote even faster.

Self inspection

It’s the digital inspection that can be managed independently by the customer, thanks to the uploading of photos and detailed information about the installation

After sending the requested data, a technician will immediately take care of your request; if the information is sufficient, there will be no need to do anything else: the quote is ready!

  • If you request the estimate from MyItalgas, complete the questionnaire directly on the portal during the entry phase.
  • If you request the quote from a Sales Company, you will receive instructions on how to complete it by sms and/or email.

Please note: this mode may not always be available, given the complexity of some jobs

Virtual inspection

This is the digital survey for meeting our technician via video call, without having to wait for an appointment in the field.

You choose the date and time of the video call. At the time of the appointment, you will have to be at the site of the intervention and connect to the video call via the link you will receive by SMS (no need to download any application).

The technician will guide you to find the necessary information. If no further details are missing, you will not need to do anything else: the estimate is on its way!

If the work required proves to be particularly complex, one of our technician workers will come to carry out the on-site inspection to collect further information.

Please remember

  • If you have requested a quote through the Sales Company and the Self or Virtual Inspection is not sufficient, please contact the Sales Company to book a Physical Inspection.
  • If the Sales Company schedules you a Physical Inspection right away, but you can use the ClickToGas Selfy service, follow the instructions you will receive by sms.
  • If you have requested a quote via MyItalgas and after the digital on-site inspection the technician needs further details, you can easily book a Physical Inspection directly from the portal.

How does ClickToGas Doc work?

After accepting the quote, you will have to send us the necessary documentation to get the appointment for the work.

Log in to MyItalgas and enter the “My Requests” section to fill in, sign and send the forms directly online. Follow the instructions and remember that you may also need to upload a photo of the niche or housing prepared for the meter.

You will also find all documentation in your quote file.

Once submitted, it will need to be verified and confirmed. You can monitor your file and check the outcome of the verification.

If you have requested the estimate from the sales company, you can also ask them for their support in sending the documentation. In fact, with ClickToGas Doc, the Sales Company will also be able to send the documentation in your place: all you have to do is hand it over filled out and they will take care of the rest.

How does ClickToGas AllInOne work?

The new service that allows you to have the meter placed (if provided) and the gas supply activated, together with the work being carried out as quoted.


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