Italgas digital estimate: getting an estimate has never been easier.



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What it is?

ClickToGas is the new free and digital service dedicated to final customers that allows you to receive an estimate for gas system work in the shortest possible time, independently managing the inspection from the MyItalgas portal.

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What is it for?

After requesting the estimate, a technician worker must perform an inspection to better understand the type of intervention to be done on the gas system.

Thanks to ClickToGas the inspection is done remotely, quickly and in total safety.

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When can I use ClickToGas?

  • If you request an estimate through the Sales Company, an appointment will be made to carry out a physical inspection on site.
    Immediately after the request you will receive an SMS from Italgas on the mobile number you indicated with the link to the ClickToGas service. By answering a few simple questions, you will help us understand if in your case it will be possible to take advantage of our digital inspections, to anticipate the appointment of the on-site inspection and speed up the issue of the estimate.
  • If you request an estimate through MyItalgas you will be able to access digital inspections directly during the request phase.
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How does it work?

  • Access to MyItalgas portal and fill out a short questionnaire (maximum 5 questions) to provide us with some details relating to your request.
  • We will immediately check the information you have provided to suggest the most suitable inspection for you.
  • Carry out the proposed digital inspection and receive the estimate.

A faster estimate

Based on the details of your request, with ClickToGas you have the opportunity to receive the estimate faster, through the following inspection methods:

Self inspection

  • Once you have completed the initial questionnaire, follow the indications and upload the photos of the gas plant directly to the MyItalgas portal.
  • A technician worker will take care of your request; if the information will be enough it will not be necessary to do anything else.

Virtual inspection

  • Choose a date and time to make a video call with a technician worker.
  • At the time of the appointment, you will need to be at the intervention site and connect to the video call via link you will receive via SMS (you do not need to download any application).

If the work required proves to be particularly complex, one of our technician workers will come to carry out the on-site inspection to collect further information.

Remember well

  • If you have requested an estimate through the Sales Company, the appointment already set for the Physical Inspection remains valid until the positive outcome of the Self or Virtual Inspection.
    We suggest you use the service by 11.00 pm 2 days before the appointment set for the Physical Inspection. In this way we will be able to delete the appointment if the data collected with the Self or Virtual Inspection is sufficient.
  • If you have requested an estimate on MyItalgas and the Self or Virtual Inspection is not enough, you can easily book a Physical Inspection.


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