What makes us stand out from the market is our long tradition and ability to innovate: digitisation of the networks and corporate processes is our challenge today.

We chose to invest  800 million € in digital innovation initiatives that will be able to give all of the system’s players value and to make Italgas unique at the European level.

Digitisation concerns three key aspects of our work.

Replacement of the traditional meters

The progressive replacement of the old gas meters with new generation devices (smart meters). This metering system innovation - regulated by ARG/gas Resolution no. 155 of 22 October 2008 - has three objectives:

  • Facilitating the technological innovation of the metering and accounting process of natural gas withdrawn by end users;
  • Improving the quality of the natural gas metering, sales and distribution service;
  • Promoting the awareness of consumption.

Management of the network

Thanks to new technologies, the so-called industrial Internet of Things (iot), we can give the network a “digital identity”: a multitude of sensors distributed along the network that can communicate and interact with each other and with the external environment to supply information or take decisions, such as that of adjusting some operation parameters, prevent faults through maintenance and identify leaks even quicker. The degree of decision-taking autonomy will grow over the upcoming years with the progressive maturing of advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, meant as self-learning capabilities.


People’s way of working

The digital technologies are transforming the way our technicians work. By using an ipad, they can perform a large number of activities in mobility that up until a short time ago demanded their presence on site. This technology, called Gas2Go, is bring several benefits, such as:

  • Activation of a paperless process;
  • Rationalisation of the routes with resulting reduction of km travelled every day by the technicians and of CO2 emissions;
  • Increased productivity, reduced time in executing works and in back office activity;
  • Reduced margins of error due to inaccuracies when transcribing data.

In a future close at hand, our technicians will use devices (wearable and mixed reality instruments) to interact with the environment in a simple manner, improving the degree of safety.

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