To digitise our company and our way of working, we have to invest in advanced technology.


The objective of the innovation and technological development activities is to improve the quality and safety standards of the service, to reduce the environmental impact of distribution and to increase overall efficiency of the distribution system.

As the first step of digital transformation, we at Italgas have decided to shift all of our systems onto the Public Cloud in order to simplify management of our infrastructure and to free up capital and resources to invest in innovation.

This technological leap allows us to improve the management and reliability of our IT systems, opening up the door to technological innovation.


At the same time, we have undertaken an endeavour to simplify the application map so we can have immediate access to all the new technologies that the top IT Vendors in the world already offer and will offer in the future.

The sum total of data in our possession and those that we will collect from our network are also a priceless resource in a digitisation perspective. In fact, they form a wealth of knowledge so huge as to make the use of innovative technologies and tools like Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning necessary in order to extract all of their value.

As Italgas Reti, we have therefore recently started up an Advanced Analytics project with the aim of controlling the status of the network more accurately, of estimating their evolution with greater reliability and of making innovation, building a complete data management system that is able to guarantee the organisation value

The objective of the big data analysis project for Italgas is not to generate report on what has occurred, but to establish how to take better decisions in the future on these bases. By changing the data analysis model, we can reduce faults and disruptions to normal service, increase productivity and contain operating costs

Paolo Bacchetta, Italgas Reti Chief Executive Officer

Technological centre of excellence: the italgas reti laboratory

As a laboratory, we carry out activities for ourselves and also on behalf of associated companies and third parties, and we operate in accordance with the integrated ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation Body) corporate certification standards.

We carry out rhino-analytical tests, instrumental tests on gas odourisation, the calibration of gas meters and other instrumentation supporting gas distribution activities, and mechanical tests on network materials.

We also perform innovation and research activities in the field of new materials, instruments, equipment and analytical methods concerning gas distribution and metering. The Centre also takes part in international projects for the research and development of renewable energy sources and it supports the development of expertise in the sector contributing to the publication of applied research articles in both national and international journals.

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