Italgas Reti

As Italgas Reti we operate throughout Italy and hold a concession for gas distribution in over 1,600 municipalities. 

We manage over 60,000 km of network with around 6.5 million active metres and over 7 billion cubic metres of gas distributed each year. Our operational headquarters is in Turin but network management is divided into fifteen hubs (for the most part regional or inter-regional).

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Registered Office

Italgas Reti
Largo Regio Parco, 11 – 10153 Torino (TO)
Tel.: +39 011 23941 – Fax: +39 011 2394499

Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco

Chief Executive Officer of Italgas Reti.

Corporate bodies

Below you will find the Governance references.

Board of Directors


Nunzio Ferrulli

Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco

Peter Durante

Donata Capotosti

Barbara Lilla Boschetti



Board of Statutory Auditors


Monica Petrella

Paolo Piccatti
Standing Auditor

Antonio Santi
Standing Auditor

Angelica Mola
Alternate Auditor

Alessandro Forte
Alternate auditor


Società di Revisione: Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.

Whistleblowing channels

The Supervisory Body of Italgas Reti monitors the effectiveness and adequacy of the Model 231, reports on its implementation, approves the annual programme of supervisory activities and announces the result of the activities carried out in the exercise of the duties assigned

Whistleblowing channels

Largo Regio Parco, 11 10153 – Torino (TO)

Italgas Group Procedure for handling reports

Italgas Reti has adopted the Italgas Group Procedure for handling reports, which defines a process of information flows for the receipt, analysis and determination of actions to be taken regarding presumed irregularities.

The communication channels for whistleblowing are as follows


Ordinary mail: Italgas S.p.a., Internal Audit, Via Carlo Bo 11, 20143 Milano (MI)

Electronic mail:

Online: Italgas Group Reporting Form


Commercially Sensitive Information 

Italgas Reti has identified and regulated the access to Commercially Sensitive Information, disclosure of which would alter the competition between operators.

Access to Commercially Sensitive Information other than the commercial processes regulated by the Integrated Information System (IIS), is permitted solely through the submission of a formal request to be sent for the attention of the Independent Operator to the email address:, specifying: the data of the applicant, details of the information requested, and the relative justification together with a statement of acknowledgement of the contractual confidentiality requirements.


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