Supplier application

Application is the first phase of the qualification process. This section will guide you in gathering all the information necessary to fill in the application questionnaire so you can proceed with registration on the IT4Buy suppliers portal.

The first step to becoming a supplier: gather the information to apply


Collect the preliminary information which will allow you to register on the platform.

Who is involved

All new suppliers. The categories involved are set out below:

  • Individual suppliers.
  • Freelance professionals, start-ups and innovative SMEs.
  • Permanent Groupings of Companies (e.g. Stable Consortia, Consortia between Production and Labour Cooperatives, Consortia between Craft Enterprises). Qualification as a Permanent Grouping of Companies requires the positive assessment of the individual suppliers associated and compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 50/2016. The permanent grouping must therefore submit its request for qualification together with its own documents as well as those of the individual suppliers associated in reference to the GOODS/WORKS/SERVICES within its remit. There is no qualification process for Temporary Groupings of Companies given their specific duration, which is temporary and occasional.
  • Commercial Operators (Distributors/Wholesalers/Stockists). The qualification of Commercial Operators of goods (including System Integrators) is combined with that of suppliers who produce the goods in question. The Operator must therefore submit its request for qualification together with the documents relating to its company and those of the producer of the goods in question. For qualification as a Commercial Operator of goods produced by companies that are already qualified the request need not be accompanied by annexes relating to the producer of the goods, but the latter must submit a statement accepting it will be excluded from the list of Italgas suppliers if the outcome of the Operator qualification process is positive.

Are you already a supplier? Enter your credentials here and access the IT4Buy by Ariba Network.

What is required of you

In order to proceed with the application you must:

  • Provide your personal details: First name, Last name, Email address, telephone number of the person who will interact with Italgas, VAT no. and Tax Code.
  • Indicate the legal form and specify if you are a start-up or innovative SME.
  • Select the Goods Category you wish to qualify for. Are you still unsure about the choice? Take the questionnaire and check out our List of Goods Category
  • Attach registration at the Chamber of Commerce or Professional Association for activities pertaining to the product category(ies) selected.
  • Examine and accept:
    • The Code of Ethics of Italgas suppliers.
    • The Cyber Security Information Notice for third parties.
    • The Privacy Information Notice.
    • Italgas Suppliers’ Regulations.
    • The Human Rights Policy.
    • Provide evidence of having filled in the CRIF ESG sustainability questionnaire.

Do you need help filling out the CRIF Questionnaire? Check our Supplier Support Page.

Sustainability Score


Increasing attention to sustainability issues and the need to measure, manage and mitigate the ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – risks drive us more and more to promote and encourage a type of responsible business. 

For these reasons, in line with the company’s objectives, the Procurement Department is setting up an Assessment process for ESG matters with a view to carrying out a series of ESG audits, for the purpose of the growth and accountability of the Supplier Base. 

A first step towards the responsible improvement of the supply chain is filling in the Sustainability Questionnaire during the application phase. The purpose of the questionnaire is to determine the general and specific level of business sustainability, and to offer a summary overview of the certifications in the various ISO Management Systems. The supplier receives a rating based on the score obtained (“Sustainability Index”). If the rating is lower than the set threshold, the supplier will not be admitted to the subsequent phases of the qualification process. Average-low ratings will be subject to an ESG audit to identify the areas of improvement and monitor them through targeted plans of action in the short and long term. 

The sustainability index is one of the parameters included in the Supplier Rating. The aim is to tighten up the supplier management process so that together we can build an increasingly widespread Culture of Sustainability along the entire value chain. 


How to apply

The application process is the start phase for the qualification of suppliers and is necessary to prepare for registration. Here’s how to apply

  • Check you have all the documentation and information indicated in the “What is required of you” section.
  • Click here and fill in the application questionnaire.
  • Wait for us to inform you of your suitability (both negative and positive).
  • If positive, you will receive a link allowing you to continue with the second phase of the process: registration.

The second step to become a supplier: register on the IT4Buy portal!

If you have already collected all the information you need to apply, it is time to proceed with registration on the portal.

Do you know your Goods Category?

To become a supplier of the Italgas Group, you need to identify one or more product categories you intend to put yourself forward for. Unsure about your choice? Let us guide you!

Discover the structure of the product categories


Depending on the financial relevance and technological complexity, the products and services purchased are divided into three macro product categories: Goods, Works, Services.
The qualification process is based on the verification of requirements:

  • Technical-operational
  • Health, Safety and Quality
  • Environment
  • Cyber Security and Due Diligence

Based on the complexity of the requirements indicated, three different qualification paths can be accessed:

  • Smart: low complexity
  • Medium: medium complexity
  • Strong: high complexity

Moreover, for some specific categories of suppliers there is a Light path, namely a simplified qualification process which involves filling in a further slimmed-down smart questionnaire and accepting Italgas’ conditions. The categories included in this path are:

  • Start-up
  • Innovative SMEs
  • Freelance professionals

Key Definitions

  • Critical/Strategic suppliers: In Italgas Critical/Strategic suppliers pertaining to High complexity, it means they are strategic to the Group’s core business. This category includes high volume suppliers, critical components suppliers and non-substitutable suppliers.”

Take the questionnaire to discover your Goods Category!

If you are not sure which Goods Category to qualify for, you can fill in a guidance questionnaire which will help you to identify the most suitable goods category for your business.

You will be able to select one or more Goods Categories and, at the end of the questionnaire, you will know the level of complexity of your qualification and the requirements laid down for the Goods Category(ies) selected.

With this information, you can find everything you need to become an Italgas supplier before embarking on the qualification process and your path will be simple and quick.

EU Qualification Systems

The most important activities that are considered as being above threshold pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 50/2016 (Contracts Code) are managed through the publication of “Qualification Systems” by the European Community, stating the minimum HSEQ, economic-financial and technical-organizational requirements needed by suppliers in order to be entered on the Italgas Vendor List.   

The Qualification Systems are published in the Official Journal. Click here to consult the list.

For other activities considered important in terms of turnover and technological complexity, Italgas has identified specific qualification requirements linked to the distinct characteristics of the Goods Category.

Italgas Vendor List Regulations

The purpose of the Italgas Vendor List Regulations is to indicate the rules and principles by which the Italgas Group Supplier Register is established and managed, and which all our suppliers must observe.

Consult the application manual

Italgas reserves the right to check the supplier’s economic and financial stability on an ongoing basis using an external provider on an online platform, which can be accessed by specialized Italgas analysts who check the economic prerequisites and conduct timely in-depth analyses reported in the context of the Reputational Check. 

Therefore, the supplier will be required to proactively update the documentation and any changes to the corporate structure, any additional certifications obtained and any situations with an impact on its reputation. 

Sustainability requirements

We ask our suppliers to meet important sustainability requirements in order to comply with the Group’s goals and ambitions.

Do you need help?

If you need more information and answers on the process or would like to access FAQs, Documents and Contacts, please click to our support page.

Suppliers KPIs



Supplier Screening U.o.M. 2022
Total number of Tier-1 suppliers No 919
Total number of significant suppliers in Tier-1 No 215
% of total spend on significant suppliers in Tier-1 % 85%
Total number of significant suppliers in non Tier-1 No 34
Total number of significant suppliers (Tier-1 and non Tier-1 No 249




Supplier Assessment U.o.M. 2022
Total number of suppliers assessed via desk assessments/on-site assessments No 215
% of significant suppliers assessed % 86.35%
Number of suppliers assessed with substantial actual/potential negative impacts No 215
% of suppliers with substantial actual/potential negative impacts with agreed corrective action/improvement plan % 74%
Number of suppliers with substantial actual/potential negative impacts that were terminated No 5



Corrective action plan support U.o.M. 2022
Total number of suppliers supported in corrective action plan implementation No 215
% of suppliers assessed with substantial actual/potential negative impacts supported in corrective action plan implementation % 100%



Capacity building progress U.o.M. 2022
Total number of suppliers in capacity building programs No 215
% of significant suppliers in capacity building programs % 86.35%


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