Relations with suppliers

The supply chain is of strategic importance in the performance of our operations. This is why we ask our suppliers, with whom we interact in a transparent manner and with a view to mutual growth, to comply with our Code of Ethics and to take note of our Model 231.

Italgas is deeply committed to its supply chain. Suppliers of goods and services are increasingly integrated into our business model: they are directly involved in the “core” processes of developing and maintaining the infrastructure network and contribute to the creation of value.

We therefore demand not only competence and professionalism from our suppliers, but also adherence to our corporate values and principles. Suppliers must confirm in their contractual documentation that they are aware of our Model 231 and the principles of the Italgas’ Code of Ethics, of the Suppliers’ Code of Ethics and of the Italgas Vendor List Regulations,  thereby undertaking to comply with regulations on occupational health and safety, environmental protection and international standards on employment rights.


Qualification process

In the various stages of the search for suppliers, we operate with great care and scrupulousness, starting with the qualification process and the analysis of the applications received.

Many elements are assessed during the qualification process, and include:

  • technical and management skills.
  • economic and financial reliability.
  • ethical requirements.
  • commitment to the fight against corruption.
  • environmental protection and conservation.
  • promotion of healthy and safe working conditions.
  • the absence of forced labour and economic exploitation of children.

For the most critical classes of goods, the procedures include fundamental and highly rigorous requirements for qualification, such as the supplier having management systems certified to international standards.

Relevance of ESG criteria in the supply chain

Our priority objectives include constant monitoring of the environmental, social and governance impact on the entire supply chain, and increasing the percentage of suppliers with ISO certifications. The main certifications our suppliers are required to have are:

  • ISO 9001 on quality management systems
  • ISO 14001 or EMAS on environmental management systems
  • OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 on health and safety management systems


In 2020, Italgas launched a campaign to raise awareness among suppliers to also obtain the following certifications SA8000 (Social Responsibility), ISO 37001 (Management systems for the prevention of corruption), ISO 50001 (Energy management systems) and ISO 27001 (Information security).

In addition to the ISO and the existing criteria such us legality index (AGCM), accident rate (accident severity and frequency index), direct and indirect CO2 emissions and sustainability balance, Italgas is introducing further criteria focused on environmental impacts (circular economy, both in the area of material reuse and waste recovery) and on social sphere (specially to raise awareness and monitor the growth of gender diversity within the supply chain).

Vendor Management System

The qualification process is part of the broader Vendor Management system, which also includes the monitoring of suppliers through audits, inspection visits and performance evaluation processes set up with input from the units in charge of managing their contracts. The system is designed to protect the integrity of sustainability in the supply chain: if a supplier does not meet the agreed standards, Italgas can place them under observation, restrict, suspend or even revoke the qualification.

Ethics and Integrity Pact

So that suppliers/subcontractors undertake to comply with the principles and values considered inalienable and the most rigorous reputational requirements, listed in the Italgas Code of Ethics and in the Suppliers’ Code of Ethics, we have prepared a document called the “Ethics and Integrity Pact”, which represents a preventive measure against any criminal infiltration attempts and corrupt practices.

Economic operators who aspire directly or indirectly to receive contracts from our group must sign and accept the Ethics and Integrity Pact, undertaking to adapt their conduct to the principles of loyalty, transparency and fairness and to comply with and maintain over time the principles laid down in the Italgas Code of Ethics and reiterated in the Suppliers’ Code of Ethics.

Italgas is subject, for a number of product classes, to application of the procedures set out in the Contracts Code (Legislative Decree 50/2016).

Cybersecurity awareness

Suppliers involved in Italgas Group processes play an active and important role in Cyber risk management, therefore recognition of their attention to such issues is of paramount importance.
Italgas has drawn up a document with which to promote and guarantee the protection of information assets, both of the Italgas Group and of the partners who work with us every day, and to mitigate cyber risks and threats. For this reason, suppliers and third parties of the Italgas Group must formally undertake to comply with these general principles by signing the “Cybersecurity Awareness for Third Parties” notice.

Personal data protection

The correct management of personal data represents a value of fundamental importance for Italgas, and it is therefore essential that suppliers also pay the utmost attention to this matter. Those suppliers who, as data processors, are called upon to process personal data on behalf of Italgas must ensure sufficient guarantees to implement adequate technical and organizational measures, in compliance with regulatory requirements and to protect the rights of data subjects. To this end, Italgas binds them through a specific contract, which runs alongside the main contract and regulates reciprocal relationships in relation to the processing of personal data.

Become a supplier and collaborate with us

We recognise the importance of building long-lasting and trusting relationships with our suppliers. Find out how to become our partner and stay up-to-date with the latest news on calls for tenders and tender results.

Sustainability and safety for our people

We promote a health and safety culture among our employees and suppliers. Sustainability principles guide our activities to protect the working environment, reduce our impact and generate value in the territories where we operate.

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