Reporting Hub: documents, policies and sustainability performance

We transparently communicate our management systems and sustainability performance, and are committed to monitoring our impact and increasing value creation over the long term.

Through our daily activities we aim to have a transparent dialogue with all our stakeholders, to be a reliable and responsible point of reference.

Transparency and trust are the basis of our relationships, so we communicate clearly and consistently what we do, how we work, where we create value.
This section responds to the need for an in-depth look at the business and details of Italgas’ way of operating, through key documents and information.

Explore our reporting hub and discover the details of the Group’s ESG reporting and the key documents that underpin our actions.

Reports and documents

Integrity and accountability are at the heart of the way we work, which is based on sound policies and transparent and consistent reporting. Browse the section and learn more about how sustainability is integrated into our business.


SocietàOrganismo di CertificazioneSistema di GestioneAccreditamentoNormaFine Validità
ITALGAS S.p.A. DNV GLAnti-bribery Management System UNI ISO 37001:2016 24/12/2021
Subsidiary companies ITALGAS S.p.A.


 BUREAU VERITASEnergy Service CompaniesUNI CEI 11352:2014 10/07/2022


  BUREAU VERITASQuality Management SystemUNI EN ISO 9001:201531/07/2020
TOSCANA ENERGIADNV GLQuality Management SystemUNI EN ISO 9001:2015 25/10/2022
TOSCANA ENERGIA DNV GLEnvironmental Management SystemUNI EN ISO 14001:2015 25/10/2022
TOSCANA ENERGIA  DNV GLOccupational Health and Safety Management System UNI ISO 45001:2018 22/11/2022
TOSCANA ENERGIA   DNV GLEnergy Management SystemUNI CEI EN ISO 50001:201814/03/2023
TOSCANA ENERGIA GREENSGSQuality Management SystemUNI EN ISO 9001:201529/01/2021
TOSCANA ENERGIA GREENSGSEnvironmental Management SystemUNI EN ISO 14001:201507/12/2020
TOSCANA ENERGIA GREENSGSOccupational Health and Safety Management SystemUNI ISO 45001:201825/06/2022
TOSCANA ENERGIA GREENSGSManagement SystemUNI ISO 37001:201627/12/2021
TOSCANA ENERGIA GREENSGSEnergy Service CompaniesUNI CEI 11352:201429/06/2021
TOSCANA ENERGIA GREENSGSSocial Accountability International 8000
(Social and ethical responsibility)
SA 8000:201429/09/2021
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.DNV GLQuality Management SystemUNI EN ISO 9001:201515/09/2021
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.DNV GLEnvironmental Management SystemUNI EN ISO 14001:201515/09/2021
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.DNV GLOccupational Health and Safety Management SystemUNI ISO 45001:201829/11/2021
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.DNV GLEnergy Management SystemUNI CEI EN ISO 50001:201129/11/2021
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.DNV GLAnti-bribery Management SystemUNI ISO 37001:201624/12/2021
ORGANISMO DI ISPEZIONE – Italgas RetiACCREDIAOrganismo di Ispezione di Tipo CUNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020:201226/10/2022
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.ACCREDIALaboratorio di provaUNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:201809/12/2023
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.ACCREDIALaboratorio di taratura (LAT)UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:200527/12/2021
ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.LA SOATECHQualificazione alla esecuzione di lavori pubblici in Categoria SOA OG 6 – Classifica VIII illimitataD.P.R. 207/201019/07/2023
Subsidiary companies ITALGAS RETI S.p.A.
MEDEA S.p.A.DNV GLQuality Management SystemUNI EN ISO 9001:201528/11/2020
Investee companies ITALGAS S.p.A
UMBRIA DISTRIBUZIONE GAS S.p.A.DNV GLQuality Management SystemUNI EN ISO 9001:201515/09/2021

See our 2021 Integrated Online Report

Thanks to the Italgas Sustainability Plan, we monitor and communicate the group’s values and strategy, with a look at the value generated during the year through shared projects and achievements.

Our performance

We report our sustainability performance to stakeholders in our Annual Integrated Report, prepared in compliance with the GRI Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative and the International Integrated Reporting Framework.

ESG indices and ratings

Our commitment and actions are recognised by the financial community, which positively assesses the Group’s environmental, social and governance achievements.


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