Local commitment

We dialogue with our local stakeholders to listen to their needs and implement sustainable growth projects.

The communities in which we live contain a cultural heritage to be valued and protected. It expresses the identity of our country, which has a history to preserve and to project into the future.

We want to grow with our communities. For us, this means weaving together the past and the future to enhance its valuable resources and re-interpret them in an innovative way for its growth. We offer citizens our innovative and digitised systems, because we too have strong roots in our past and believe in the importance of enhancing society’s cultural heritage, to preserve it and share it with future generations.

The Italgas Group supports the territories in which it operates also through philanthropic actions:

In 2021 there were sponsorships and donations for an amount of € 1,294 thousand and 30 thousand for contributions inkind, moreover, Italgas invested € 111 thousand to pay the staff dedicated to the management of these initiatives*

We contribute to the social and economic development of our country and the territory in which we operate, stimulating and raising awareness of the community to actively participate in this sustainable evolution.

*For 2021, the value related to employee volunteering is equal to 0.

The community we dialogue with

We use our solidity, security and digitalisation to be actively at work for and with the territory: we listen to people’s needs and requirements, we develop concrete and rapid proposals, we evolve and innovate.
We are actively involved in this development and growth:

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Our people

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The community and the territory

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Authorities and Institutions

The value we generate

Our projects aim to develop promotional and awareness-raising activities through constant engagement in dialogue with our stakeholders, to grow together. In this way we realise projects dedicated to people’s well-being, for a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Our commitment to the Community

Italgas supports some important organisations:

  • Fondazione Teatro Regio of Turin, the city’s main opera house;
  • Consulta Torino for the promotion of artistic and cultural heritage;
  • Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, which organises the oldest Italian music festival and is the international point of reference for ballet and grand opera;
  • Teatro Verdi in Pisa, a historic cultural institution of the Tuscan city

Redeveloped Parco Russoli

Redeveloped Parco Russoli in Milan, adjacent to our headquarters, giving the neighbourhood a renewed and liveable green area of about 10,000 m2


Heritage Lab

The Italgas Heritage Lab is born, Italgas’ laboratory of knowledge, experimentation and innovation, thanks to which Italgas’ archives will be digitised and the cultural and historical heritage preserved by the Group will be made available to the community


Heritage conservation

Our history is an important part of the historical, social and technological development of the country, which is why we have been involved for decades in the recovery and conservation of our cultural heritage:

The Historical Library

Established in 1984, our library houses a collection of around 5000 Italian and foreign books and periodicals on the history and technology of both manufactured and natural gas, dating from the 17th to the 20th century, as well as many publications about the chemistry and physics, history and technology of lighting and heating.

The newspaper library

The newspaper library contains specialist Italian and international books and periodicals about the gas, oil and methane industry from the 1930s to the 1960s. It also has legal periodicals and publications about the city of Turin.


The Historical Archive

The Historical Archive was established in the early 1980s to make the outstanding collection of documents on Italy’s technological revolution available to academics. The initial collection was then enhanced over the years, giving rise to a heritage of more than 1000 linear metres of documents, 6000 books, booklets and journals, 35,000 prints, photographs and posters and 350 historical items of equipment and instruments.

The documentation collected in the archives can be broken down into five categories:

  • Main body, consisting of the documents of the corporate bodies of Italgas and most of its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.
  • Administrative documents, relating to the Shareholders’ Meeting and the documentation of the secretariats of the managing directors, chairmen and vice chairmen currently available for consultation. The documentation dates from the late 1940s to the 1990s.
  • Managers’ funds, consisting of the documentation produced by presidents, vice-presidents, and managing directors during their activities within the company.
  • Fondo Sales, consisting of the documents of engineer Mario Sales (1910-2006), one of the company’s “historic” managers, known for his considerable commitment and professionalism in making the Technical Management one of the pivotal areas of activity in the area.
  • Photographic, audiovisual and drawing fund, used for photographic, graphic and audiovisual evidence of workshops, working methods, social buildings, gasometers and various celebrations.

In order to share our history with new generations and make it available to scholars and researchers from all over the world, our digital and innovative attitude came into play, which guided us to the start of the Heritage Lab project.
Thanks to the partnership with the Giorgio Cini Foundation, we have transformed our Museum and Historical Archive in Turin into a laboratory with the most advanced technologies for 2D and 3D digitisation of Italgas’ entire historical, industrial, artistic and cultural heritage.

Inside the Heritage Lab, the archive is transformed into a laboratory, becoming a new space open to the public, where visitors can experience the significance of digitisation first-hand on a journey that also takes them into the very heart of the documents and operations. In the “Data Square”, the digitised materials will be available and accessible to the public, who will have the opportunity to view documents, photographs, works of art, old books, magazines, objects from our past but with a completely innovative use.

Heritage Lab: the digitisation laboratory where past and future intertwine.

  • Innovation at the service of the past.  In the new laboratory, two centuries of energy memory become digital, to preserve a historical heritage and disseminate knowledge.
  • Big data from the past. The Italgas Historical Archive consists of an original core of one linear kilometre of historical documents, with a planned extension of up to three kilometres.
  • A unique experience for citizens and the territory. Interactivity, both virtual and real, is the basis of a visit to the Heritage Lab: the displays turn from real to virtual, the content dematerialises and at the same time it is possible to enjoy the dematerialisation experience through digitalisation

Italgas’ historical archive becomes Heritage Lab

Discover the cutting-edge Heritage Lab of Italgas

LaNuova @Scuola

Italgas and Medea also participated this year in the LaNuova@Scuola project implemented by the newspaper, La Nuova Sardegna, to develop opportunities for information and training in the field dedicated to students and teachers from Sardinian schools. The virtual event with more than 500 students was attended by senior figures from Italgas and Medea.

Draw your energy!

Toscana Energia: “Draw your energy!” The 2020/2021 educational project was dedicated to primary schools for the first time. The Draw your energy! contest proposed a creative activity with the objective of bringing young students closer to the various sources of renewable and non-renewable energy, educating them on their sustainable and informed use. At the end of the course, the children used drawings to express their idea of energy and the winning classes were awarded teaching materials.

Creating value for the community and the territory

We strengthen our corporate citizenship in the communities and territories in which we operate through active partnerships with bodies, associations and foundations, and non-profit organisations.
In this way we create projects and initiatives in favour of environmental protection, the dissemination of culture, technological and scientific innovation, training, research and the promotion of the area in which our networks are present.

In order to further strengthen our dialogue and closeness to stakeholders, we have adopted a specific Corporate Citizenship Policy.

In this way, we emphasise our role as an active ‘citizen’ of the community and formalise our commitments and responsibilities in the process of creating value for the community. The value mainly generated is in the fields of art, culture and sport, including additional social responsibility initiatives.

In 2020 we allocated a total of 3,115,000 euros between sponsorships (35%) and donations (65%)

In 2021 we allocated a total of 1,378,828 euros between sponsorships (76%) and donations (24%).

To explore this data in more detail, explore our social data in the Italgas Reporting Hub.

Innovating for the energy future

The digitisation of networks and business processes is our challenge today.


Objectives and actions

We create value through sustainability goals and ambitious projects.

Dialogue and priorities

We dialogue with our stakeholders to explore their priorities and identify our material issues.

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