Supplier registration

Registration on the IT4Buy portal is essential to start a collaboration with the Italgas Group. On this page we will explain the process for successfully completing the registration questionnaire.

The second step to become a supplier: complete your personal details on the portal


Complete the personal details of the supplier to start the qualification process.

Who is involved

New suppliers who have completed the application phase and want to start the qualification process.

What is required of you

At the time of registration you must:

  • Accept the IT4Buy by Ariba Network platform conditions of use.
  • Communicate:
    • Additional personal details (VAT no., Tax Code, Registered Office Address, Certified Email address, Name and contact details of the commercial representative, Name and contact details of the Legal Representative.)
    • The economic-financial requirements: financial statements of recent years and number of employees (if required).
    • Invoicing data (e.g. IBAN) and bank details.

How to register

The registration process is simple:

  • Fill in the registration questionnaire using the link received by email.
  • Wait for our notification on the suitability assessment.
  • If it is positive, you will receive instructions on how to pay the qualification contribution necessary to continue with the next phase of the qualification questionnaire.

Italgas reserves the possibility to check, on an ongoing basis, possession of the stated requirements and the validity of the documents provided. Therefore, the supplier will be required to proactively update the documentation and any changes to the corporate structure, any additional certifications obtained, and any situations with an impact on its reputation.

The qualification contribution


To ensure the efficiency of the qualification process, we ask suppliers to pay a contribution when a new qualification request is made and during its renewal. This contribution partly covers the internal expenses incurred by Italgas in implementing the qualification process.

The amount is calculated on the company turnover and the qualification process the supplier intends to undergo (Smart, Medium, Strong).



GC complexity


New qualification contribution amount (€)


Qualification renewal contribution amount (€)

Strong  1.500,00 1.500,00
Medium 1.000,00 500,00
Smart 500,00 250,00


For Strong GC only, payment of the €1,500 contribution does not consider the supplier’s turnover. For Medium and Smart GCs, only Large and Medium enterprises are asked to pay a contribution (turnover of over 10 million euros), with different amounts for:

  • New Qualification: €1,000 for Medium GC and €500 for Smart GC.
  • Qualification Renewal: €500 for Medium GC and €250 for Smart GC.


Once the qualification contribution has been received, Italgas provides the supplier with all the payment instructions. If the request has a negative outcome, Italgas will return the entire amount paid by issuing a credit note.

Note that the amounts are stated without VAT. Failure to pay the contribution by the deadlines set will result in the non-acceptance of the application or the non-renewal of the qualification with the consequent exclusion from the Vendor List of the Italgas Group. The amounts paid will not be returned if the qualification is suspended or revoked.

Consult the registration manual

Do you know your Goods Category?

If you are about to apply as a new supplier, you will be asked to indicate the goods category you belong to. If you have any doubts, take our questionnaire!

The third step to becoming a supplier: qualify

If you are registered on It4Buy, it is time to join the Group’s Vendor List.

Do you need help?

If you need more information and answers on the process or would like to access FAQs, Documents and Contacts, please click to our support page

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