The sales companies, the partners with whom to network

With the liberalisation of the energy market, consumers can choose their own gas supplier and we at Italgas give access to our networks to sales companies that want to operate with us.

The relationship we build with the sales companies is constant and aims to always encourage the exchange of information in order to give the best service to the end customer. The channels and tools for dialogue are diverse, ranging from classic to innovative. The sales company can choose whichever one it prefers. These are.


The Application to Application system: a computer interview mode


The Italgas Group’s portal to request online access to our networks and easily manage commercial relations


Certified e-mail address for communications from and to certified e-mail

  Network with Italgas and access Gas2Be 

Gas2Be: the intuitive platform that simplifies and enhances partnership and information exchange.

Gas2Be is Italgas’s platform dedicated to all sales companies accredited to the Group’s networks through which they can manage their commercial relationship and dialogue with us: from the first request for accreditation to our networks, to viewing and updating all company data, through to functions for managing customer relations.

How does the Gas2be portal work?

The steps for accessing and using the portal are different, depending on whether the sales company is already accredited on the Italgas Group networks or not. 


Sales Company not accredited on our networks

If the sales company where you work is NOT accredited or needs to be re-accredited on Italgas Group networks.


Company accredited on our networks

If the company in which you operate is already accredited on the Italgas Group networks and needs the master corporate user.

Once the sales company is accredited on the Italgas Group networks, it is possible to request utilities. They are of two types, they have different uses but are linked together. In particular, one (the master user) is indispensable for requesting the operational user (RIE).

Master User

It is the corporate user. To obtain it, you only need to carry out the registration procedure once.

It allows you to update your company data, request access to Group networks where you are not yet active and obtain new RIE credentials.

RIE Operational Users

This is the personal operating user that provides access to all the functions essential for customer relationship management. It is indispensable for managing daily customer requests and for using the “Work on the network” section of Gas2Be. È it is possible to apply for several users with different profiles.


Entering Gas2Be with the RIE operating user gives access to the functions essential for managing customers relations.

From here is it possible:

  • Navigate through the thematic menus.
  • Send services requests in a few simple clicks.
  • Request our support with Sales Support.
  • Access to the new installations to increase the pool of Redelivery Points.
  • Prepare reports on Redelivery Points and all transmitted requests.
  • Stay updated on dedicated initiatives.

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