Biomethane, Methane gas from biological wastes

Gas produced from renewable sources such as biomethane can be fed into existing infrastructures and used like other sources to support growing energy needs.

Anyone with a biomethane plant has the option of applying for connection to the transmission network or the distribution network. At Italgas, we believe in the concrete opportunities of biomethane plants and its advantages for a zero-emission economy by 2050. That is why, as distribution network operators, we take care of connecting biomethane plants who request it, as long as the feeding into the distribution system does not pose technical problems or risks in terms of general safety. In order for biomethane to be fed into the grid, it must have certain chemical and physical characteristics laid down in European and national legislation and in the applicable technical reference standards.

We are committed to offering biomethane producers maximum transparency by facilitating access to our networks, while respecting the quality and safety of the service.

The characteristics of biomethane

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Biomethan to cut CO emission

Biomethane is derived from biodegradable waste and injected into existing infrastructures, it plays a key role in cutting emissions CO2 emissions in Europe and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. According to the Gas for Climate Consortium, the Italian Biogas Consortium and the European Biogas Association, an annual production of more than 120 billion cubic metres can be achieved, saving approximately 140 billion euros.


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How to apply for connection of your biomethane plant to the grid

Italgas offers free of charge the opportunity of a preliminary check on the technical feasibility of the connection, even if this is not a compulsory step, and to obtain the result quickly.

To request a preliminary feasibility study, please complete the “Preliminary feasibility request form”and send it by e-mail to

Little information is required: personal data, location and some technical data. The actual construction of the plant for feeding into the grid, and its subsequent operation, is subject to the signing of a “Regulation of Connection and Operation for the direct feeding of biomethane into the distribution networks”. To proceed with the request for connection of the system, just follow a few steps.


Specifications and criteria for access to the network.

 Read the Specifications and criteria for access to the distribution network.


Form for requesting connection

Download the Form for requesting connection for single production plant and fill it in completely with the required attachments.


Modulistica via pec

Send the duly completed forms, including annexes, by email.


Location report

Agree, after the connection request, on the location of the feed-in point and the delivery point by jointly drafting a Location report.


Process of building the connection system.

Accepting the quote in order to start the process of building the connection system.

Other useful information for the plant connection request

The connection request entails the payment of a deposit of €2,000 to guarantee the applicant’s expression of interest in favour of Italgas Reti S.p.A., which shall be returned if the feasibility check for the connection is negative, or which, on the contrary, shall be withheld as reimbursement of expenses for feasibility studies, if the applicant does not accept the quotation within the terms set out therein. In the event of acceptance of the offer, the abovementioned security shall be used in its entirety as compensation for the performance of the contract.

Biomethane plant connection procedure

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