Targets and actions

We want to contribute to a sustainable and fair energy future that generates shared opportunities for growth.

To implement real economic, financial, environmental and social sustainability and to be able to create shared value for all its stakeholders, the group has equipped itself with strategic objectives to create value in the short, medium and long term, according to its business model. Through this strategy, we can create a virtuous cycle that aims, through the use of our capital, to generate value and ensure the prosperity not only of Italgas, but also of the communities and territories in which we operate. On this basis, Italgas has defined its Sustainable Value Creation Plan, structuring it in three pillars: Planet, People, Partnership (for a sustainable future together), to which correspond precise lines of action with clear commitments and measurable targets. For each pillar, Italgas specifies what its priorities are and how it intends to pursue them:

– Planet: enabling the energy transition, fostering decarbonization and ensuring the care of ecosystems;

– People: responding to changing sensitivities and new social needs to which increasing attention must be paid, including issues of diversity and equity;

– Partnerships: fostering innovation and positive interaction among stakeholders, from start-ups, SMEs, actors in the territories in which they operate, to national and international associations.

In doing so, we put our stakeholders at the center, transparently declaring actions and projects to create long-term value and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Discover our Sustainable Value Creation Plan here

We are protagonists of the country’s future and accompany Italy in the energy transition

Dialogue and priorities

We have a transparent dialogue with our stakeholders to explore their priorities and define our material issues.

Discover our vision and the stories of our projects

Serving the energy future

With an extensive, digitised network , we contribute to the energy future and the development of renewable gases.

Together for the territory

We participate in the development of society, with concrete projects that generate shared value.

Operational excellence

We take pride in our work and do it in an excellent way to ensure a safe and reliable service.

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