Supplier qualification

To become an Italgas Group supplier for all intents and purposes you need to demonstrate that you share the same values as the Group, ensuring sustainability, economic-financial stability, and ethical rigor.

The third step to become a supplier: be in line with the requirements established to work with the Italgas Group


Become part of the Vendor List of the Italgas Group.

Who is involved

New suppliers who have completed the registration phase and have identified the Goods Category(ies) they want to qualify for.

What is required of you

To become a supplier to all intents and purposes, it is necessary to:

  • Fill in the qualification questionnaire (Smart, Medium, Strong) corresponding to the Goods Category(ies) identified.
  • Examine and accept the Ethics Agreement.
  • Indicate the Legality Index issued by AGCM – Italian Competition Authority, for Italian companies only.
  • Attach an institutional presentation of the company (optional).
  • Include the ISO certifications, if requested in the minimum Qualification requirements of the specific Goods Category – in particular ISO 9001, ISO 1400 and ISO 45001.

ISO Certifications and sustainability criteria for suppliers


We require compliance with the Group’s ethics principles and values, monitoring their sustainability performance based on important factors: a sustainability questionnaire, the main ISO certifications and rigorous sustainability criteria in tenders.


How to qualify

Just a few actions are required to complete the qualification:

  • On the IT4Buy by Ariba Network portal, fill in the qualification questionnaire, based on the Goods Category(ies) identified and the relative qualification path.
  • Wait for our notification on the suitability assessment.
  • If it is positive, you will be qualified and entered into the Vendor List. If you are qualifying for Strong level Goods Categories, the notification will only be sent after the on-site Audit.


The qualification requirements are divided into:

  • Standard requirements: minimum qualification requirements for any product category.
  • Specific requirements: linked to a specific product category.


The process is based on:

  • Self-certifications.
  • Document checks.
  • On-site audits (in-depth inspections at the supplier’s premises are envisaged where required by the product category).

Technical inspection and on-site Audit 


The on-site Audit procedure is required for Strong Level Goods Categories.

This can take place not only during the qualification phase but also during the renewal phase and, if necessary, for the full duration of the contract.
For the on-site Audit, Italgas may use a third party appointed and instructed to carry out the inspection at the supplier’s premises.


  • Once you have filled in the qualification questionnaire, you will receive a notification to agree on the date and time of the inspection with Italgas.
  • Thereafter, the auditor will contact you to confirm the appointment.


The audit involves an inspection at your company’s premises and an analysis of the documentation found there. During the audit, the assessment will be made using specific checklists intended to check the references and/or requirements declared when filling out the qualification questionnaire.

At the end of the inspection, a suitability report will be drawn up by the auditor. The final assessment will be finalized with any areas of improvement and inclusion on the Vendor List.


Consult the qualification manual

Do you have any doubts about the qualification process?

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