Supplier qualification renewal

Keeping your data up-to-date helps to streamline the renewal process.

When your qualification is almost due to expire, update your profile and proceed with the renewal


Always keep your data and the documentation entered during the qualification phase up-to-date in order to experience a more streamlined renewal in the expiry phase.

Who we are addressing

All the already qualified suppliers on the Italgas Vendor List.

IT4Buy, the suppliers portal

Enter and update your information.

What is required of you

  • Validate the data entered during the registration phase.
  • Update any documents that are due to expire and/or that have expired (e.g. ISO Certifications).
  • Renew the qualification contribution.
  • Check the qualification questionnaire (already pre-filled in) and re-examine the declarations previously provided in case changes have occurred with regard to the minimum requirements.
  • Provide evidence of having filled in the CRIF ESG sustainability questionnaire (see the “Sustainability Score” section below).

Sustainability Score


Increasing attention to sustainability issues and the need to measure, manage and mitigate the ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – risks drive us more and more to promote and encourage a type of responsible business.

For these reasons, in line with the company’s objectives, the Procurement Department is setting up an Assessment process for ESG matters with a view to carrying out a series of ESG audits, for the purpose of the growth and accountability of the Supplier Base. A first step towards the responsible improvement of the supply chain is filling in the Sustainability Questionnaire during the application phase.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to determine the general and specific level of business sustainability and to offer a summary overview of the certifications in the various ISO Management Systems. The supplier receives a rating based on the score obtained (“Sustainability Index”). If the rating is lower than the set threshold, the supplier will not be admitted to the subsequent phases of the qualification process. Average-low ratings will be subject to an ESG audit to identify the areas of improvement and monitor them through targeted plans of action in the short and long term.

The sustainability index is one of the parameters included in the Supplier Rating. The aim is to tighten up the supplier management process so that together we can build an increasingly widespread Culture of Sustainability along the entire value chain.


How to renew the qualification

For an efficient and quick renewal phase it is important to proactively update:

  • Your personal details.
  • The documentation necessary for the qualification process.
  • Any changes to the corporate structure.
  • Any additional certifications obtained.
  • Any situations with reputational impact.

Qualification duration

3 years

for the Medium and Strong qualification levels

5 years

For the Smart qualification level

In this period, you will receive notifications directly from the communications platform about the expiry of your documents and requests to update the sustainability questionnaire.


  • You receive an expiry notification. Before the qualification expiry date, you will receive a notification giving you the opportunity to start the renewal process. If you do not do so immediately, the IT4Buy by Ariba Network platform will send you a second notification at the time of expiry.
  • Italgas starts the check. When you decide to start the renewal process, we will check the minimum qualification requirements and the documents, both those we already have and those that need to be updated. If this information is not updated, you will receive a request to amend it and/or update it. In fact, you can always access the questionnaire filled in during the qualification phase to:
    • Update the data and/or answers to the questionnaire
    • Update the attached documentation

In addition to the data and documentation, we also consider any non-compliance and, before proceeding with the renewal, we may request, by issuing a warning, any corrective actions plans put in place by the supplier.

  • Pay the contribution. Once the checks have started you will be asked to pay the contribution to renew the qualification.
  • Any on-site Audits. If the Goods Category you are qualified for is the Strong level, you will be contacted for a new On-site Audit. The purpose of the technical inspection is to check and confirm the maintenance of the requirements.
  • Wait for the outcome of the renewal. Once the check of the data, minimum requirements, documentation, and areas of improvement is complete you will receive a notification informing you of the outcome of the qualification renewal.

The qualification will only be renewed if the minimum requirements are confirmed.

Italgas, at its discretion, may consider the suspension, exclusion, or renewal of the qualification after having checked any plans of action communicated to the supplier.

Consult the qualification renewal manual

Suppliers portals

We have a dedicated portal for your every need: IT4BuyE-business or Gis4Gas and GasToGo for operating activities.

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