Vendor rating

We constantly monitor the performances of suppliers to encourage excellence along the entire supply chain of the Group.

We assess and monitor the performances of our suppliers, to encourage their improvement and suggest development and growth actions


Constantly monitor suppliers’ profiles encouraging them to continuously improve and ensure the operating excellence of the supply chain and of the Group.

Who we are addressing

All suppliers on the Italgas Vendor List who already have at least one contract.

What is required of you

We assess and monitor a series of elements, such as technical, organisational and managerial capacity, ethical, economic and financial reliability, and adherence to the compliance aspects of the Italgas Group suppliers.

If the outcome of the checks is negative, corrective actions must be taken following a plan of action announced at the end of the assessment.

How to manage your profile

For suppliers that have a contract or an active order, we make continuous checks on all product categories.

At the end of the checks, you will receive a notification about the feedback received and any measures.

Assessment of indexes and criteria

The monitoring assessment is based on the following elements:

  • Technical Check (Operational Vendor Rating).
  • Reputational check (Legality Index).
  • ESG check (Sustainability Index).
  • Innovative contribution (Research & Development Index).
  • Supplier’s economic dependence on Italgas.
  • Italgas’ economic dependence on Supplier.
  • Open disputes.
  • Results of the technical audits and ESG audits.
  • Accident index.
  • Financial solidity.

Assigning of a score

These criteria generate a Single Score and an Overall Score.

The score is based on the following scale:

  • Poor: 0-49
  • Insufficient: 50-59
  • Adequate: 60-69
  • Good: 70-79
  • Excellent: 80-100


Following our checks, you will receive:

Positive feedback
Possibility of being rewarded on the basis of:

  • Economic criteria.
  • Qualitative criteria.


Negative feedback
There are two ways to improve your score:

  • Implement the corrective plan of action that we will send you and you will be required to carry out within certain times.
  • Follow specific measures that we will inform you of, which vary depending on the severity of the score:
    • Warning: accurate supplier monitoring.
    • Temporary suspension of qualification: banned from taking part in tenders for the entire suspension period.
    • Cancellation of qualification: deleted from the vendor list.


The Operational Vendor Rating (IR) is based on:

  • Quality (compliance with technical requirements).
  • Conduct (the relationship with the client for the full duration of the contract).
  • Punctuality (compliance with agreed delivery times).

Technical inspection and on-site Audit, also during the Vendor Rating phase

The on-site inspection process can take place not only during the qualification phase but also during the renewal and contract management phase.

The inspection includes:

  • An inspection at the supplier’s premises.
  • An analysis of the documentation found there.
  • The Certifying Body checking all the references and/or requirements declared in the document assessment phase.

The process is carried out using a specific check-list.

The assessment is defined at the end of the inspection and, combined with the analysis of the technical aspects, it will be used to formalise the final assessment.

Our principles and values

We require suppliers to endorse and share our principles and values, complying with our Model 231 and the principles of the Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethics of the Group’s Suppliers.

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