Raffaella Marcuccio

Chief of Procurement & Material Management

Born in Lecce in 1971, Raffaella Marcuccio is Procurement and Material Management Executive Vice President of Italgas SpA.

She took her degree in Material Engineering from the University of Lecce in 1997 after writing an experimental thesis on applications of thermography and ultrasound at the University of Nottingham.
Following a brief experience at CNR (Italian National Research Council), she started her career in the Fiat group in 1998 as a young engineer in an inter-functional path that led her to hold several roles from Production in the Assembly Line to Services, at the Fiat Auto Contact Centre, arriving at purchasing with the role of Program Manager on a localisation project in Nanjing, China. This was where she began her professional growth in the Fiat Group Purchasing function, and where she grew as Commodity Manager in the Auto and Powertrain area, afterwards Manager of Purchasing Product Development on Segment B (following the development of the Grande Punto and the Alfa Mito), up to taking over the role of Commodity & Logistic Director at the Fiat Global Purchasing Office of Shanghai for 5 years starting in 2007, seizing purchasing opportunities from Best Cost Countries for the entire Fiat group. In 2012, she moved to Indesit, a leading Italian company in the household appliance sector, again in the Procurement area as Raw Material and Plastic & Metals Components Director.

Following Indesit’s acquisition in January 2015 by the US company Whirlpool, she was assigned the role of Global Steel and Resins Directors, with the responsibility of purchasing steel and plastic raw materials on a global scale.

She has been Procurement and Material Management Executive Vice President of Italgas since March 2017.

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