Italgas: water grids’ digital transformation and partnership with TaKaDu

Milan, 30 December 2020   Italgas started the process of digital transformation of its water grids, which are currently under concession, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and service quality by leveraging the expertise developed in the management of gas networks.

The initiative is part of the 2020-2026 Strategic Plan recently approved by the BoDs. The plan allocated, among others, 120 million euro to new investments in order to support the Group’s growth in the water sector while improving the quality of the service provided to the citizens.

The digital transformation programme concerns five water networks licensed to the Group in Caserta and in other four municipalities (Casaluce, Galluccio, Roccaromana, Baia-e-Latina), which together distribute 8 million cubic meters of water to around 30,000 customers through 270 km of network.

The programme relies on two pillars:

  • the partnership agreement signed with the Israeli company TaKaDu, a global leader in the development of digital Central Event Management for water networks, already active in 13 countries;
  • the introduction of the latest-generation smart meter, based on ultrasonic technology, with a plan to replace all traditional meters by 2021.

The completion of the programme, which also involves the application of IoT sensor technology along the city networks, will allow to keep under control, at all times, infrastructures’ operating parameters, quickly detect any failures with increased accuracy, and rapidly react in case of leaks.

In Italy, according to Istat, the Italian National Institute of Statistics, water networks have an average loss of 40% in terms of volume of water distributed. To facilitate the process of renewal of those networks, the results achieved on Italgas water grids by Italgas-TaKaDu partnership will be made available to the Italian water utilities, through a dedicated service offer to improve the efficiency and quality of the service and, above all, to reduce network losses.

Italgas: CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) confirms “B” score for the fight against climate change

Milan, 8 December 2020 – For the fourth consecutive year Italgas has been recognised by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) for its efforts in the fight against climate change, through the confirmation of the “B” score for Climate Change. This score ranks Italgas in the “Management band”, above the European average – equal to “C” – and at the same level as the Energy Utilities Network sector.

Among other elements, CDP acknowledged the important work carried out by the Company, which compared to last year has significantly improved the score assigned to the “Scope 1&2 emissions” and “Emission reduction initiatives” categories.

Italgas is a leader in Italy in the gas distribution sector and third in Europe, it is present in over 1860 Italian municipalities with a historical presence in the major cities of Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence and Naples.

CDP is a non-profit organisation that assesses its performance in the field of climate change every year. This year more than 9,600 companies worldwide answered its questionnaires.

Italgas: UNI ISO 37001:2016 anti-corruption certification for all Group companies

Milan, 9 December 2020 – Italgas has obtained for the third consecutive year the UNI ISO 37001:2016 anti-corruption certification, achieving its extension also to the “anti-corruption government” of all Group companies, as well as the subsidiary Italgas Reti, which had already achieved it last year.

As confirmation of  their commitment to legal compliance, in 2020 Toscana Energia, Medea, Italgas Acqua, Gaxa, Seaside, Umbria Distribuzione and Metano Sant’Angelo Lodigiano also introduced a system for preventing and combating corruption, adopted on a voluntary basis and certified in accordance with the internationally recognised standard.

The management system for prevention and combating has been verified by the independent certification body DNV GL Business Assurance, after in-depth analysis that have confirmed its adequacy and compliance with the required requirements, as well as its effective implementation.


Legality, transparency, corporate responsibility, integrity – commented Italgas CEO, Paolo Gallo – are just some of the values that make up the polar star of our daily actions. That’s why I consider the achievement of anti-corruption certification for the third consecutive year and its extension to all Group companies to be significant results that are at the same time coherent with the activities that we carry out every day along our network, serving 7,7 million customers all over the country“.

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