Italgas extends donations to the Civil Defence and four other hospitals in Pavia, Piacenza, Rome and Naples on the front line in the Coronavirus emergency

Milan, 28 March 2020 – The Italgas Group’s commitment to support organisations in the front line in the fight against the spread of Coronavirus continues and extends to the San Matteo Hospital in Pavia, the Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital in Piacenza, the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome and the Cotugno Hospital in Naples, for each of which the Company has made a donation.

These donations are in addition to those arranged in recent days for the Sacco di Milano, Amedeo di Savoia-Asl Città di Torino and Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova hospitals.

In support of the Civil Protection action, Italgas made a direct donation and also yesterday launched the solidarity campaign “Together for Italy, donate your day to the fight against the Coronavirus”, thanks to which Group employees can allocate the economic equivalent of the hours of their work. The proceeds will be supplemented by an equal amount donated by the Italgas Group and donated to the Civil Protection.

The intent of Italgas through these actions is to make available additional resources both for the Civil Protection and for the hospitals that will be able to allocate the contribution to the strengthening of the microbiology and virology laboratories, the activation of new beds or additional intensive care facilities, the purchase of medical devices and any other activity useful to improve support to the sick.

Changes to Italgas’ calendar of corporate events

Postponed Shareholders’ Meeting

Milan, March 19, 2020 – Italgas’ Board of Directors, which met today chaired by Mr. Alberto Dell’Acqua, considering the perpetuation of the epidemiological emergency caused by the Covid-19 and the recent measures adopted by the Authorities, as well as the provisions contained in article 106 of Decree Law no. 18 of March 17, 2020, postponed to a date to be assigned the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting initially scheduled for April 20, 2020, as communicated to the market.

At a forthcoming meeting, the Board of Directors will convene the Shareholders’ Meeting within the terms set out in the above mentioned Decree Law (180 days from the end of the financial year).

At present, Italgas foresees that the shareholders’ meeting will be convened on a date that does not require changes to the coupon payment date, to the record date and to the dividend payment date already communicated to the market on January 29, 2020 and confirmed on March 11, 2020.

The calendar of corporate events is available at the address

Italgas: donation for three hospitals in Turin, Milan and Padua on the front line in the Coronavirus emergency

Milan, 13 March 2020 – A contribution to support the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus. This is what Italgas decided to offer with a donation to the hospitals Amedeo di Savoia-Asl Città di Torino, Sacco di Milano and the Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova, three of the many hospitals involved in the front line of the spread of Covid-19.

A sign of solidarity towards excellent health facilities, a gesture of responsibility towards those territories where society is present and operates, allowing these facilities to have more resources to strengthen the microbiology and virology laboratories, activate additional beds or intensive care facilities, acquire medical devices or any other activity useful to cope with the state of emergency.

In such a complex and critical moment for Italy – commented Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo – we are all called to do our part, as individuals and as a company, and to work to ensure that this challenge can be won together in the shortest possibletime. Since the emergence of the emergency Italgas has taken the necessary measures and measures to protect the health of its people and, at the same time, ensure the continuity of an essential service for the community. With this donation we want to be at the side of doctors and nurses and of all those who face difficulties with energy and a constructive spirit, we want to be part of a large and supportive community“.


Milan, 11 March 2021 – Italgas’ Board of Directors, chaired by Alberto Dell’Acqua, met yesterday and approved the results as of 31 December 2020 and resolved to propose to the Shareholders’ Meeting the distribution of a dividend of € 0.277 per share (+8.2% compared to 2019).

Key figures

Consolidated economic and financial highlights:

  • Adjusted total revenues: € 1,333.8 million (+6.0%)
  • Adjusted EBITDA: € 971.4 million (+7.0%)
  • Adjusted EBIT: € 546.8 million (+6.0%)
  • Adjusted net profit: € 345.4 million (+0.1%)
  • Technical investments: € 777.5 million (+5.1%)
  • Cash flow from operating activities: 745.0 million euros (714.4 million euros in 2019)
  • Net financial debt: € 4,736.5 million
  • Net financial debt (excluding the effects pursuant to IFRS 16): € 4,660.2 million

Operating highlights including affiliates:

  • Municipalities in gas distribution concessions: 1,887
  • Number of active meters: 7.7 million
  • Gas distribution network: more than 73,000 Km

Sustainability highlights:

  • Gas Leakage Rate (natural gas emissions volume / distributed gas volume): 0.1%
  • Reduction of 5.4% in energy intensity compared to 2019 (calculated as the ratio between the Group’s total energy consumption and the gas distributed)
  • Over 20,000 hours of training on digitalization topics delivered

The performance achieved by Italgas as of 31 December 2020 demonstrates the company’s ability to continue generating solid economic-financial and operating results, thanks to the efficiency-boosting and technological innovation measures taken by the company. These results have been achieved despite a scenario negatively impacted by the application of the tariff regulation for the gas distribution and metering activities for the period 2020-2025 (Resolution 570/2019/R/gas) and the ongoing health emergency.

The major investments carried out in 2020, amounting to € 777.5 million (up 5.1% compared to 31 December 2019), are consistent with the company’s Strategic Plan, which is strongly focused on the gradual development and modernisation of the networks and plants and their digital transformation.

In 2020, 905 km of new pipelines were laid down, compared to around 935 km in the corresponding period of 2019. Construction of the digital native distribution networks continued in Sardinia, with the laying down of around 334 km, for a total of more than 806 km of the around 1,100 km to be constructed overall.

The plan to replace traditional meters with the last generation of smart meters has almost been completed, apart from a marginal share to be concluded by the end of the year.

The cash flow from operating activities at the end of 2020 amounted to € 745.0 million euros.

The net financial position as of 31 December 2020 was € 4,736.5 million (€ 4,485.3 million as of 31 December 2019). The net financial position amounted to € 4,660.2 million (€ 4,410.6 million as of 31 December 2019), net of financial liabilities pursuant to IFRS 16 of € 76.3 million (€ 74.7 million as of 31 December 2019).

The adjusted EBITDA at the end of 2020 amounted to € 971.4 million (up 7.0% compared to 31 December 2019) and adjusted net profit was € 345.4 million, confirming the results of last year (€ 345.2 million), despite the negative effects deriving from Resolution 570/2019/R/gas.

In order to provide an effective and transparent representation of its ability to create value sustainably over time, from this year Italgas has chosen to represent its financial and non-financial results in an Integrated Report, showing in a unique document the effects of its activities on the social, environmental and economic context in which it operates.

Paolo Gallo, CEO of Italgas, commented:

“The health emergency and the highly adverse effects of the new tariff have not affected the path of transformation and development that             today sees Italgas ending another year with a trend of growth. We have been able to face the most serious global crisis of the post-war period thanks to the strategic decisions made over the last few years. Our ability to react promptly emerges clearly from all the financial and non-financial indicators.

We achieved an adjusted EBITDA of € 971.4 million, up by 7% compared to 2019, and we succeeded in limiting the negative impact of Resolution 570/2019/R/gas, reporting a result of € 345.4 million, in line with last year’s figure.

Despite lockdown period, our investments have slightly increased, to around € 780 million, up by 5% compared to 2019.

These results were made possible by the digital transformation process, launched in 2017 and still ongoing, which enabled the Group to remote mode a good part of its activities, continuing providing essential services to more our than 7.7 million customers, operating in complete safety. The important applications, developed in the Italgas Digital Factory, are the most telling example of how digital technology and  technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality have raised the level of efficiency of our activities. A result achieved thanks to the strong commitment of our people in digitalization also through thousands of hours of training.

On an operational level, despite the lengthy stoppage imposed on construction sites, work continued on the extension, maintenance and digitisation of the network throughout Italy. In this context, Sardinia has proved to be the primary incubator of a new generation of infrastructures aimed at transforming gas distribution in Italy and in Europe and making a key contribution to the energy transition. We have completed around 80% of the 1,100 km of planned networks on the island, digital native networks to accommodate gases other than methane, such as hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane. Technological innovation, investments, a widespread presence across the country and sustainability will continue to be our key drivers in order to create value for shareholders and the communities in which we operate, to take an active role contributing to the process of decarbonisation of the economy and containment of fugitive methane emissions, in line with the indications of the EU Commission for DSOs of gas, considered essential actors of the energy transition”.

Coronavirus, extraordinary measures adopted by Italgas Group

The Italgas Group will continue to guarantee the regular provision of public services and the performance of essential services throughout the country in which it operates, in compliance with the recent Prime Ministerial Decree of 8, 9 and 22 March 2020.

We remind you that:

  • is always active for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the First Aid service on 800-900-999;
  • we make every effort to process requests for services that are essential for the continuity and safety of the service, such as the activation of supplies, reactivation of supplies, deactivation of supplies for safety reasons at the request of municipalities, installers or end customers.

We therefore invite sales companies and end customers to submit to us – for the entire period of validity of the extraordinary measures introduced by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 8, 9 and 22 March 2020 – the only requests for service that cannot be postponed and are essential.

The Italgas Group companies, during this period, suspend all scheduled activities that cannot be postponed and are not related to ensuring the continuity and safety of the gas distribution system, such as the deactivation of gas supplies, modifications or removal of plants, metrological checks of measuring groups, checks on consumption and supply pressures, the replacement of meters both scheduled and on request of sales companies or end customers.
Guaranteed operational activities involving access to private homes (emergency intervention, placement and activation of the supply, activation and reactivation of existing meters) will be carried out by technical personnel equipped with personal protective equipment (mask and gloves).

With all our commitment, even in a difficult moment experienced by our country, we continue to support the territories in which we operate and to guarantee users a continuous and safe service, as Italgas Group has done for over 180 years.

Conference Call 2019 Full Year Results

Italgas Top Management presents 2019 Full Year Results.
Conference Call for the presentation of results to the community will be on Wednesday, March 11th 2020 at 05:00pm CET

 Follow the presentation live


Changes to Italgas’ calendar of corporate events

Press Release of Financial statement at December 31, 2019

Milan, 5 March 2020 – Italgas announces that the issue of the press release concerning the approval of the Consolidated financial statement at December 31, 2019 and draft financial statements at December 31, 2019 has been rescheduled from 12 to 11 March 2020, following its approval by the Board of Director. As a result, the conference call to present the results to institutional investors and financial analysts will be held on the afternoon of March 11.

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