In 2018 we will reach to pursue the objectives of the 2018-2024 Strategic Plan as regards investments, operating efficiency and optimisation of the financial structure.


  • Investments: on a like-for-like basis we forecast expenditure essentially in line with 2017 ( >€500 mn ), used mainly to:
    • maintain and develop the managed networks;
    • implement the major electronic meters installation programme;
    • complete the new networks under construction.


  • Calls for tender: consistent with the strategic priorities of the 2018-2024 plan, we will participate in tenders of interest for the concession of natural gas distribution services, with a view to developing our business objectives and consolidation of the sector, which is still very fragmented.


  • M&A: Also during 2018, Italgas will continue the analysis and, where the conditions warrant interest, with the finalisation of new acquisitions, which will allow us to strengthen our territorial presence and our competitiveness in calls for tender, anticipating the effects in terms of expanded scope of our activities.
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  • Operating efficiency: in 2018 we will be working to further increase our operating efficiency and cost optimization. In particular, we will continue to implement the program to reduce costs and improve processes and services launched in 2017 with the revision of the organizational structure of Italgas Reti, characterized by a new territorial model and by the simplification of operational processes, introducing a cultural change for the sustainability of the new model over time.


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  • Optimisation of the financial structure: during 2018, we will continue the actions aimed at optimizing the financial structure in order to preserve a cost of debt at levels of excellence and an appropriate financial flexibility to support development.


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