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The Italgas and Bludigit challenge team wins the 2022 edition of Data Girls of the Luiss Business School

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Agile work and digital sustainability: the themes of the Italgas and Bludigit challenge that led one of the groups of the “Data Girls” to victory.

The sixth edition of "Data Girls", the development course organized by Luiss Business School as part of the "Grow - Generating Real Opportunities for Women" project, which enhances female talents in STEM work areas, has come to an end. Italgas took part in the initiative, for the third year, proposing to the different teams of female and male students the "WoW - Way of Working" challenge dedicated to the analysis of new agile working methods, with special focus on what they were the collaboration tools used in companies suitable for responding to the new needs of employees.

The winning team worked on the basis of data provided by Bludigit, the digital company of the Italgas Group, regarding the use of collaboration tools and a questionnaire that was submitted to employees. Based on this data, integrated with external Istat suppliers on the impact of smart working on Italian companies, they presented solutions and insights on how to "make the use of new digital tools and technologies more sustainable."

Specially on digital sustainability, the winning students showed how to apply certain behaviors in the professional area by using technologies and digital tools, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve the gotals of sustainability objectives.