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Italgas has officially started the management of Atem Belluno: planned investments totalling 135 million euros

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The expansion of the networks to 17 new municipalities is planned, adding to the current 34 ones already served by methane, bringing the number of users served to approximately 85,000, almost doubling them.

Belluno, February 1, 2024 – The official start of Italgas management of the natural gas distribution service in the Belluno territorial area begins today.

After winning the tender in 2020 and signing the Service Contract in recent days, Italgas has initiated the management of the service., which concession has a duration of 12 years and involves the implementation of a significant investment program totalling approximately 135 million euros.

"Today marks the conclusion of a long and complex journey - commented Italgas Reti CEO Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco - and the beginning of a new and particularly challenging chapter for our company. With the beginning of Italgas management of the Atem of Belluno, we can unleash our capacity to make investments, ensuring innovation, efficiency, and sustainability for the communities. We are ready to make a difference in a partially new territory for us. The projects we already have in progress will make the network entirely digital, allowing us to accommodate and distribute renewable gases such as biomethane, synthetic methane, and, in the not-too-distant future, hydrogen".

In the area, at the time of the tender announcement, there were 34 municipalities served by approximately 990 kilometers of networks, totaling 47,000 end-users and a Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) exceeding 43 million euros.

Among the key investments outlined in the Italgas plan, forming the foundation of the successful bid in the Competitive Tender, notable highlights include:

  • the increase in the number of users served, from around 47,000 to approximately 85,000 over the 12-year concession period;
  • the complete digitization of the network and facilities, including the installation of smart meters for 100% of current and future users;
  • the construction of approximately 300 kilometers of new networks and the methanization of additional 17 new municipalities.

The above-mentioned plan will also create a significant boost for the local economy, fostering sustainable growth in the region with positive implications for employment and communities. With Italgas, the area will acquire a cutting-edge infrastructure, ready to accommodate renewable gases.