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CEOs of EU leading gas distributors met Violeta Bulc, Commissioner in charge of Transports

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Brussels, June 21st 2018 - Edouard Sauvage, CEO of GRDF (France), Dan Pantilie, CEO of Distrigaz Sud Retele (Romania), Gabriel Sousa, CEO of Galp Gás Natural Distribuição (Portugal), Nuria Rodriguez Peinado, CEO of Nedgia (Spain), Antoni Peris, Managing Director of Regulated Business of Gas Natural (Spain) and Paolo Gallo, CEO of Italgas (Italy) met today Violeta Bulc to present the benefits of natural and renewable gas for the decarbonisation of transport in Europe. One day after a workshop organized by the GD4S coalition on the contribution from natural and renewable gas for the decarbonization of transports, CEOs seized this opportunity to present to Commissioner Violeta Bulc success stories of local authorities which choose gas solutions for their urban mobility. Gas solutions are already available all over Europe and represent a credible solution to decarbonize transports. They urge the Commissioner to unleash the potential of natural and renewable gas to accelerate transport decarbonization and allow the EU to reach its climate targets. They present key requests:
  • The application in all policies of a technology neutrality approach to ensure an effective decarbonization of the transport sector: the whole fuel supply chain should be taken into account and all technologies should be treated on equal foot to ensure a more realistic comparison of the environmental impacts of the different fuels
  • The development of a well-to-wheel approach instead of a tailpipe emissions approach for the heavy-duty vehicles segment: it is fundamental to consider the entire fuel and vehicle supply chain – not to mention battery production and disposal - to address the full benefits of renewable fuels such as biomethane
  • A consistent approach between Energy and Mobility European legislations for the light-duty vehicles segment: ensuring a real consistency between clean mobility legislations and the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (Dafi) will strengthen the current framework and allow investments
The GD4S coalition believes in the potential of renewable gas as a credible solution for the future of clean mobility in the EU. Achieving the European climate targets for transport sector will not require a single solution but a pool of different and efficient tools which could integrate, e-mobility and gas solutions. The Gas Distributors for Sustainability (GD4S coalition), brings together the five largest gas distribution system operators (DSOs) in France, Italy, Spain, Romania and Portugal. Together we have 86% of gas vehicles in the EU and our companies represent 25 million customers in Europe. Together, we are committed to participate in the EU clean energy and clean mobility and we aim at raising awareness on the potential of natural gas and biogas.