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Italgas: the redevelopment of Parco Russoli is underway

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Milan, 12 March 2019 - A new spring is approaching for the over 10,000 square meters of green area of the Franco Russoli park in via Carlo Bo. Thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with the Milan City Council, Italgas has started the redevelopment works that will affect the entire area between its Milan headquarters and the IULM university campus. The project plans to renovate the existing structures (football pitches and bowling alleys, children's play area), preserving the current overall layout of the park, but at the same time transforming the floors and furniture by introducing other areas of use available to citizens. In the area there will be an outdoor fitness area, with equipment for physical activity and nine gymnastic stations for free-body exercises, as well as a space reserved for dogs. Particular care will be dedicated to greenery, with the introduction of new shrubby and herbaceous species that will contribute to enrich the vegetation, preferring evergreen and flowering plants with scaled flowering in the various seasons. Other elements of the restyling include the enlargement of the aggregation area, with the insertion of a long pergola under which tables and benches will be placed, the improvement of the access and connection routes to the park and the renovation of the play area which will become fully accessible to disabled children. "We would like to thank Italgas for having chosen to invest in the redevelopment of a park with great potential that has so far been under-exploited - says the Councillor for Urban Planning, Green and Agriculture Pierfrancesco Maran - . Russoli Park is the largest green area between Romolo and Famagosta and with this intervention will become much more attractive and liveable for residents and users of the neighborhood. The collaboration with Italgas is part of the "Cura e Adotta il Verde Pubblico" project, which allows more and more companies and companies to manage parks, flowerbeds, parterres, roundabouts and sports areas, consolidating the synergy between public and private in the care and growth of our city". "We are pleased to be able to collaborate with the City of Milan - is the comment of Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo - and to contribute to the development of the district that has been hosting our new headquarters for almost three years. The redevelopment of the Russoli park will make an area where hundreds of people pass through every day, including students, workers and residents, even more lively and enjoyable, offering new spaces and facilities that also stimulate physical activity and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. With this initiative we want to contribute to creating value for the territories where we are present, pursuing corporate social responsibility and putting people at the centre of our commitment, whether they are our employees or the people who live near our offices". Completion of the redevelopment work and delivery of the new Russoli Park to the townspeople is expected by the summer. As part of the agreement, the Municipality and Italgas have also agreed that Italgas will be responsible for the ordinary management of the area and its facilities for a three-year period.