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Portofino: the by-pass that reconnects the city to the gas distribution network is now in operation

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Portofino, 24 November 2018 - As of today, the Portofino gas network is once again connected to the national gas transportation and distribution system. This is thanks to the realization of a temporary by-pass that will allow to exclude the section of the network between Punta della Cervara and Punta Bagno delle Donne, damaged by the bad weather of the past weeks, and will guarantee the supply of the distribution network until the realization of a new pipeline laid on a different route. The temporary by-pass, made of polyethylene, extends for about 1,100 meters and starts from Cervara and reaches the parking area of Paraggi passing along a path through the woods. Until the commissioning of the aforementioned by-pass, Italgas has in any case guaranteed continuity of service to residents through the use of so-called "cylinder-packs", special methane containers at a pressure of about 200 bar, transported by sea. In parallel with the construction of the temporary by-pass, Italgas has started the authorization process for the laying of a new gas pipeline along a roadway that is more internal than the previous one at Punta della Cervara damaged by the sea storm. Its construction, which will require several months of work, will allow the restoration of a definitive connection of Portofino to the national natural gas transmission and distribution network.