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Sisma 2016 – 140 computers donated by Italgas to Abruzzo schools

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Civitella del Tronto (Teramo), 23 September 2019 - Just a few days after returning to the desks, the program for schools in the areas affected by the 2016 earthquake, promoted by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Government with the collaboration of Italgas, which donated 1,500 computers for the creation of new computer classrooms to implement the school training offer, is back on track. Symbolic the choice of the Istituto Comprensivo Civitella-Torricella as the venue for the delivery ceremony of the 140 computers intended for schools in Abruzzo: Civitella del Tronto is in fact among the historic villages most affected by the earthquake of 2016. The initiative, which is part of the protocol signed last December, was illustrated by the Government's Extraordinary Commissioner, Piero Farabollini, and Italgas' Head of Institutional Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Nunzio Ferrulli, in the presence of many local mayors and administrators, representatives of the Abruzzo Regional School Office and the school heads of the target schools. For the Italgas group the project, now in its penultimate stage, is part of a wider program of activities dedicated to the communities and territories where the company is present and operates, with the intention of creating value by offering concrete support to the new generations and more generally to families. "The objective of reconstruction is also to allow the re-establishment of communities and to do this we must necessarily focus on the young people who must bear witness to it - recalls Commissioner Farabollini - With the Italgas donation, thousands of young people and their families can see the synthesis between memory and future through the medium that connects them par excellence. These computers ideally represent the cultural and social relay needed to look forward with renewed hope. They are a symbol of that network made up of technicians, administrators, politicians and companies that embody the will to do well so that the children connected to the world with these tools remain deeply connected to their mother earth. "A few days before the start of the new school year - commented Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo - we are pleased to be able to reaffirm our commitment to the territory and the communities served. Even today we want to offer concrete support to young people, school leaders and teachers for the development of curricula that can integrate and deepen issues such as digitization and technological innovation, which are now central to the world of work. Alongside our constant commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of our services, we want to support the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake by focusing on the new generations and the development of skills and knowledge". To date Italgas has distributed 1,160 of the 1,500 computers for the areas affected by the 2016 earthquake. After Lazio, Marche and Abruzzo, the last stage will be in October in Umbria.