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Italgas Board of Directors approves the renewal of the EMTN programme and the issuance of bonds

Data di pubblicazione:
Milan, 23 October 2017 – Italgas’ Board of Directors, chaired by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, met today and approved the renewal of the EMTN Programme launched in 2016 and raised the Programme maximum amount up to 3,500 million euro. The Board of Directors has also approved the issue, by 31 October 2018, of one or more bonds to be placed with institutional investors. The total amount of the bonds issued may not in any case exceed the abovementioned maximum amount. The newly bonds issued may be listed on one or more regulated markets. As of today, 2,650 million euro of bonds have been issued under the EMTN Programme. The EMTN Programme is an effective tool to secure funding on the bond market in order to support Italgas growth diversifying funding sources at competitive costs